Thursday, May 3, 2012

Please Don't Drink the Holy Water- Book Review Thursday

 I got this book after snooping around my local used book store.  It's a little worse for wear.  It's previous owner, I do believe, melted some chocolate on the edge, but you can still read it.

It's a hilarious uplifting book which quips about Susie Lloyd's (the author) life.  She talks about everything from homeschooling to getting a van.

Here is one of the funnies:
"Desperately I began rifling through the closet.  It was a blue sea of denim.  Some of the jumpers and skirts had a well-worn look at the knees, like they'd suffered under too many Rosaries."

It's a great book.  But I've no real need of it.  It's neither a book that I would reference nor one that I might pass on to the boys.  So you can have it.  All you have to do is follow the instructions below.  I'm hoping it ends up in a good home.  One that doesn't care about the chocolate and needs a good laugh.

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  1. Not going to enter this one, but only because I have a copy I bought when I worked at the bookstore lol. Absolutely love it!


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