Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Things my Kids Will Never Grow Up With

1) Records/record player- we have some audio tapes, but I had a record player as a kid.

2) Video Store- Remember those Friday night trips with your friend's in hs to scan the shelves for new releases?  You can get them now in vending machines and stream them online.

3) Cable TV- Dish and online streaming like Netflix and Hulu makes it unlikely they'll get cable tv

4) Pay Phone- It's making it's way out of existence with the debut of the cell phone.

5) Chat rooms- When we first got a computer and then the internet connection (dial-up I think), the first thing I discovered was chat rooms.  I used to troll a particular Christian chat room all the time.  Now I don't think it exists.  Why chat when you can use facebook?

6) Paid Long Distance- We use free Skype to talk to grandparents.

7) Floppy Disks- And really disks in general since they are no longer made nor do computers have disk slots.

8) Film cameras-  I used to ruin film by putting it in upside down or backwards.  So my parents for Christmas one year bought me a camera with self-loading film.  Pop it in and your done.  Don't even have to do that much anymore.  Everything is digital now.  It's why Kodak and Poloroid are struggling.  Plus people use camera phones more these days.

9) Rotary dial phones- My grandma had one.  It was fun to play with.  Whatever happened to the call centers where you could "stay on the line if you have rotary?"  I missed those.  You could cut through so much red tape.

10) Type Writer- There was such a time in highschool where we had the option to type up a report (there were old computers) or print it out by hand neatly.  Now we have grammar and spell-check.

11) Dictionaries/Encyclopedias/All manner of references- Need an address?  Google it.  Need info on a topic.  Use Wikipedia.  Can't remember how a word is spelled?  Wait for the red squiggle and right click.  My kids will have it so much easier.  I had to go troll out a decent thesaurus for English class.  And that poor thing took such a beating.

12) Geo Cities- Yeah, long before there was blogging there was geo cities, which got bought out by yahoo, which a few years ago was removed.  I think I was in silicon valley.  I don't think I understood what that meant so I chose it randomly.

13) Card Catalogs- You could look things up by title, author, or subject.  Now everything is online.  What happened to the cards?  One of my libraries cut them up and started using them as scrap to write down the library of congress or Dewey number.

14) Not being able to stop/save Super Mario Bros- You had to play the game straight.  We own it...on the Wii.  One click back to the menu and it stays where it is.  You can even turn the thing off.  Now I can actually learn how to play that dang game.

15) Speaking of games- I think my kids will see more games, music, and movies downloaded rather than on actually hard anything.

16) Carbon copies of credit cards- You may not remember, but my parents had to wait for the checker to get a carbon out, slide it into a little metal thing, place the credit card on top, slide it, and have them sign.

17) Floating a check- Now checks act more like debit cards.  You can't write a check the day before pay day and expect to not get nailed with an overdraft.

18) Before there was a copier- My French teacher used to make me print off copies of tests and other papers using some old technology copier.  The paper printed bluish letters and the chemicals smelled sorta sweet.  The paper would be a little damp when it when through.

19) Having to order something through the mail- Sure we get stuff by mail, but we point and click and can get anything available.  But before it was all in the store or catalog.  Remember the Sears Catalogs with gobs of kid's toys?  I do.


  1. Some of these still exist ;-) But yeah not so common anymore. Before K was born I was working at a bookstore and we lost our power for a couple days. Was interesting using those slips!

  2. Trolling doesn't mean what you think it does. I was perplexed for a couple seconds when you said "I used to troll a particular Christian chat room all the time."


    While you were hanging out on #Christian I was actually trolling #KKK.


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