Friday, June 29, 2012

7 Quick Takes

1) I went in for the sonogram on my liver Tuesday.  I had to fast for 6 hrs before hand.  And I couldn't drink water.  Which wouldn't be so bad if we weren't all in triple digit temps.  The whole thing took 20 minutes to do.  She took pictures of my liver, spleen, pancreas, and kidneys.  It was a whole lotta "breath in and hold...okay breath."  As far as I can tell there was nothing glaringly obviously wrong.  But I'm not a tech.  She did say the radiologist would look at it and send his findings to my doctor.  I haven't heard anything yet.

2) School's out for summa....well, HB's two week stent in school is over.  He starts again in the fall.  We just need to pay the deposit, but he has a spot.  The U has several little schools and this one is across the street from Hubby and is connected with the psychology department.  Basically it's like a Montessori school.  He goes a couple hours twice a week.  His class age range is 2 1/2-3 1/2 which is perfect for him.

The other cool thing is that they have an observation room.  Some of the parents hang out there (I guess cause of the distance of living in another burrow).  So I know that the teachers aren't doing stupid stuff like putting kids in closets as a form of punishment.

I've already made sorta friends with a couple of the moms including one whose son is HB's age.  Playdates?

BTW my mom is paying for it. Her idea actually.  She thought HB needed more social interaction as he's getting older and then I'm also a little sick these days.

3) I've gotta a ton of articles to write.  Currently I'm stuck on ideas of what to write about about cloth diapering.  I sorta hashed out all my big ones.  Anyone got any ideas?

4) I started working with wool.  I haven't really been into wool covers because a) they make me itch.  8 years in a marching band uniform taught me that wool is not kind to me.  But I'm not allergic; just not comfortable b) they are expensive c) require separate cleaning/lanolizing compared to other covers we use.  But wool is breathable and natural and breaks down easier so I bit the bullet.

I found a great free pattern online for wool or fleece.  And then I went to Goodwill figuring I may score a few wool sweaters that I can upcycle.  The vast majority of sweaters there were either cotton or acrylic but I did find some interwoven wool (merino).  I've already upcycled one sweater.  I was worried that the pattern was too big (XL) but turns out, it's too small for HB to get over his Turkey stuffing.  Haven't tried it on Knee yet.  Lanolized and let me tell you that thing works!  I poured water on it to test it.  I am now a convert.  It also doesn't itch because of the lanolin.  It's a bit greasy but I'm thinking I went overboard.  HB didn't care to try it on though.

5)  There's been a bit of madness over the color purple around here.  It would take a whole blog post to explain my feelings on the subject, but suffices to say that my son's favorite color is purple and my mother has lost her mind.  She bought him purple girl's clothes.  Mom, I love you but let's not over indulge him.  HB does not need purple clothes.  Hubby on the other hand needs socks.  So thank you for buying him socks and us groceries.  That is all.

6) Hubby and I have been reading a really great book that I got from the library called Happily Married with Kids.  It's written from a secular view point, but the author doesn't advocate divorce except in extreme circumstances (drugs, alcohol, abuse kinds).  Really has put a great perspective on arguments.

7) In other news, Knee has started to crawl.  It started up last Sunday.  He's not fast...yet.  This is altogether different than HB who didn't crawl but did some sort of army crawl.  HB also didn't like sitting up.  Knee can push himself up to sitting from his stomach.  It's crazy.  He's also doing the "mom,mom,momma" thing.  Such a cute kids.

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