Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hello, Lover!

Now that I've gotten over my moment of despair.  (it's not like I can do anything about it at the moment.)  I'm moving onto a more pleasant topic.  Diapers!

Hey, it's in the blog title:  Diapers and Drivel.  We can't always be about the drivel you know. 

I recently won a couple of giveaways (yes, again) one is for a minky pocket diaper and the other is for diaper detergent (which we always need).  I think it's a pick-me-up from God over this tumultuous health issues.  I love getting something in the mail even if it's just a letter.  E-mail is quick but not as fun as holding something in your hot little hands.  So I'm waiting for some deliveries.  (Incidentally, Mom, I got one package in the mail.)

The other reason is because God is telling me that I need to go through and weed out my diaper stash and give them to someone else who could use them.  I have a lot of fluff even for two children.

So the minky will have to undergo the Nap-time pee test before I decide if it will work.  The weight limit is 33 lbs so I'm skeptical that it will fit well.  If it doesn't, three cheers for a different home.

The other diaper that I won, I've already gotten.

I hate Made in China.  I loathe it.  It's wrong.  But I won the diaper.  I didn't pay for it.  And unfortunately, it's passed the test with flying colors.

I told them I wanted a boy diaper and they sent me their sporty one.  Perfectly fine with me.  Some of their prints aren't very appealing to me. 

It's very trim and comes with a microfiber insert.  The insert can be snapped in and laid on top or it can be stuffed in the pocket.  The pocket has two openings and the diaper has inner gussets (which don't make much difference to me but whatever).  It has a three step rise and fits babies 8lbs-35lbs.  Some diapers claim this but the rise is generous that I believe it.  It has a three snaps (which can be annoying for some people) to prevent wing droopage.  The pocket is generous that I was able to use the microfiber insert and two hemp inserts during nap.  And it passed.  Dang you MIC.  I haven't had a pocket pass the nap time pee test yet.

My oldest overshoots his Thirsties pockets (because there is always a gap) and with the Tots Bots even though they are trim fitting there is a gap from the top to where the insert sits leaving me with leaks (although they recently came out with a snap version so I can't say this is true anymore).   I use them during the day.  For nap I use a Thirsties Fab Fit with a hemp insert and a diaper cover.  At night I use a disposable (hangs head in shame).  With all the layers of fluff I need at night, he tends to get rashy.  It's only for night.

As for my youngest, it looks nice on him too.  He does experience some plumber's butt because his little hips can't seem to hold onto the diaper over his big booty.  I get this with nearly every diaper that has a high rise.  Snapping it down sometimes works depending on the diaper.  

I love this diaper (dang) and it's only 12 dollars making it a total steal (poor Chinese workers, are you getting paid enough to make this high quality diaper?)

And no, nobody paid me to write this up.  And nobody is sending me a diaper to giveaway either.  I don't promote MIC diapers on the Drivel.  I won this diaper fair and square so that's why I'm talking about it.  If you want to invest in the diaper, you do so of your own consciousness.  Or you can enter a giveaway, there are several blogs that are giving one away each month. 

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  1. *hugs*

    Just have to say ZJ thinks this is his and is now saying he doesn't need boxers on his body lol. Just cracked me up.

    Seriously though, gotta love finding something that'll work for naps... stinks that its made in China though :-/


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