Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In Response

"To be fair, Mr. Kay is only a nurse."

Nice ad-hominem attack, and pretty low one at that.

The problem with feminism is it turns women in the very men they loathe. ~ Anon.

Not, an ad-hominem attack.  It's a statement of fact.  Mr. Kay is not a psychologist or psychiatrist.  He's, as far as I know it, not a psychological clinician of any sort.  Rather he writes his blog and his thoughts based on his personal experiences, not ones based in scientific study or professional experience.

If a person writes information talking about the feelings and mental things about a woman (and a man), then in my opinion, he better darn well have some professional credentials to back it up.  As I state in my com box rules, you can't win arguments with me without some sort of evidence.  Mr. Kay only presents personal testimony.  He offers no case studies.  This is loose evidence at best.  At worse, he's giving really horrible advice without any sort of basis of study.

Therefore not an ad-hominem attack.  It's a legitimate one.  I wouldn't go seeking the advice of someone for a medical problem that's not a medical professional so why does anyone go seeking marital advice without looking to see if they are indeed a trained counselor?

Mr. Kay acknowledges that he talks from personal experience and not any sort of professional or medical experience.  He does refer people to seek professional help.  Yet, he continues as before talking about subject matter that he's not qualified for without any scientific basis.

I'm not a feminist in the sense that most people cite.  I don't hate men.  If anything, I am both a feminist and a masculinist.  I believe in the basic rights and decisions of women and men.  Mr. Kay has published his distrust of a woman's basic right to stay at home and care for her family.  This is a decision that both a woman and her husband have the right to make.  In my mind, Mr. Kay is not upholding the rights of couples.  What do you call that?

Your comment: "The problem with feminism is it turns women in the very men they loathe" is an ad-hominem attack.  You don't know me and obviously don't read anything here.  Plus it's down-right rude and hateful.  Again you don't know me, and obviously don't care too.  My blog is all about family which includes a father.  And I have two small boys.  Loathe men indeed!

And next time, don't hide under the Anonymous moniker.  It's very silly.  Here we use real names or online handles.  Anonymous just signifies to me that 1) you aren't a faithful reader and therefore are pulling crap out your butt and 2) you are chicken, if I can put my name on things so can you.

I have serious concerns about blogger trolls either come out from hiding and present a useful argument or go away!

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