Monday, June 4, 2012

Oh, Snap!

I finally got brave enough to convert my Thirsties pocket dipes.  I was apprehensive because like any new endeavor for me I never know if it's going to be easy or an ordeal complete with me throwing things around my dinning room.  But it needed to be done.

First of all, Thirsties pocket dipes use some sort of horrible hook and loop.  At least these old ones do.  The loop started to unravel almost after the first washing.  I've been waiting for the loop to completely fall off, but only one of the laundry tabs was headed that way on one pocket (I have three).

Then there's the toddler factor.  I initially bought the dipes with hook and loop because at the time, I think Thirsties only had the duo wraps with snaps.  The duo pockets with all snaps came later.  The diapers fit my oldest great (unlike some pocket diapers), and I didn't want to keep avoiding them.  But alas my toddler can get out of hook and loops like his pants were on fire, which is why I for a while avoided them.

How did I do it?  Well, first I went to Joann's and bought MIC snaps and a MIC snap pliers.  If I knew of any made elsewhere I would have bought them.  The snaps are white and look identical to Thirsties.

Then I went home and the hard part began.  I found my seam ripper and started going after that hook and loop.  The flaps were actually really difficult to remove.  The front loop was easiest because it's the part that was coming apart.  The whole thing took me several hours (I have three) and several stabs.  I did end up cutting part of the front loop off because the edge are sewn under the fold over elastic.  And rather than removing the elastic to remove the loop and then attempt to reattach (which can be disastrous as it shifts the fold over elastic), I just grabbed my shears and cut it off as close the fold over elastic as possible.  You could hardly notice unless I pointed it out to you especially since once the diaper's on, you can't see that part anyway.

The putting the snaps in was much much easier and less time consuming.  I used a snap duo wrap of the same size and lined it up with the pockets.  Then with a washable marker, I made dots where each of the snaps would go.  The pliers kit was easy enough to figure out how to use.  It was already preset to the correct snap size.  I will say that if I had to convert several diapers I would space it out because after a while the pliers do hurt your hand from all the pressing.  I'm wondering if it's just as bad owning a snap press.

The snaps look great.  Not perfect, however.  One of my pockets has eleven snaps in front instead of the Thirsties ten.  The snaps aren't all evenly spaced so there's a little puckering, but who cares.  The point was to make the pockets harder for my toddler to remove and I think I did a good enough job of that.

Oh, and a side note.  I went to the doctor for more labs today.  I won't know until next week.  He had her draw blood out of one arm and then asked for another vile so she had to restick me.  That was a bit painful because she hit a nerve.  It's okay now.  He wanted to check for hepatitis which I doubt I have because 1) I've been vaccinated against hep B, 2) Hep A, the next common one, is usually transferred through fecal matter.  The only poop I've been privy to lately is my family's so highly unlikely, 3) Hep C, the next one, is through blood transfer commonly transferred through sharing needles.  I'm not a drug user.  I've never been.  But maybe it's not a common one.  As far as I know, none of the Heps are curable. 

Also wanted to check my ANA, which can spike when the immune system is under attack or is attacking itself.  Mine spiked when I had mono and can spike if you have an autoimmune disease like Lupus.  So maybe it's mono rearing it's ugly head again.  The virus does stay in your body the rest of your life.  Who knows.  Maybe whatever it is is a simple virus that I have to let run it's course.  I'm not really worried about it.  Whatever happens happens.

Sorry to be such a drag.  Let's end on a happy note!

Aren't they pretty?

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