Friday, July 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes

1.  I was looking over my posts and have discovered that this one has the most hits of all time.  Really?  My pathetic little rant about how my husband stole my pizza is far more interesting, entertaining, and education compared to my usual banter?  I'm not sure how to take that.

2. It's been about a month since my mysterious liver ailment had been caught.  And I feel no closer to knowing what's going on with my body.  I am, however, thankful that I don't have cancer (at least in my liver) or lack of liver functions.  So I should stop whining about my inability to take Tylenol and drink massive quantities of alcohol all to wake up with a hangover.

3.  I'm avoiding my youngest at the moment who has been following me around the house because he is tired.  He seems to think that I should be his sleeping buddy no matter what.  So I conceded to (but not agreed) that maybe we need to do a sleep routine and plop him in his own bed to squall (while periodically checking in with him) for half an hour or until he falls asleep.  I'm not happy about this, but I also would like my arm back.

4. My oldest is ambidextrous.  Okay.  That's not the right word for it.  A better description is he eats and colors with his right hand, but shoots the soccer ball with his left foot.  My husband is also this way.  And I think my brother.  I write and shoot with the right side.

5. Hubby is currently in the picking stages of his summer project.  That is he is separating out minerals using a set of tweezers.  Very tedious work.  But he's learning a lot.  His summer project?  It's working on Uranium-Thorium-Helium Age Dating on a terrestrial sample (earth rock).  He's doing for experience because terrestrial rocks are bigger samples than meteorites (which you can do the same thing with).  How does a physicist suddenly turn geologist?  Good question.  I think it has something to do with being in planetary science which is 1/3 physics, 1/3 geology, 1/3 chemistry.  He's also planning on sitting in on a undergrad class next semester to beef up his mineralogy knowledge.

6. I won.  Again.  A Huge pile of loot.  Don't worry I'll go into that more later.  I feel out of courteous when you win something you should say something.  Like talk about the host and the sponsor and what you won.  It's sort of like saying thank you.  But I also think it's good, especially if it's a WAHM who is essentially loosing money, to do a review and get their product out there.  So that's the plan.  Because I got one diaper reviewed here, and I have another diaper that I'm currently testing for review.

7.  Speaking of reviews, are you interested in winning a diaper?  Check out my review of a Dinkledooz.  It's a local company and their product is awesomely soft.  Problem.  MIC.  But the lady who runs Gogo Natural is awesomely nice.  So consider entering to win.

Thanks to Jen for Hosting!

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