Friday, July 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes- Updated

1. Mondays I usually take the kiddos to Rosary Mom's Group, Pray and Play.  The previous week the lady in charge gave me the code to let me inside in case I showed up "early" since everyone usually arrives late.   She was going on vacation.  Well...nobody showed up so me and the kiddos stayed and prayed the rosary by ourselves.  We prayed for the Colorado theater victims and the people who didn't show.  I was fun because the kids got to explore and get out the house.

My kindle showed up and I had a ball playing with it.  Then Hubby came home early complaining about his trapezious muscle.   He's been picking grains and this has aggravated a muscle that he and I both have issues with. 

2.  Tuesday, I went to the doc for yet another blood draw.  I don't expect any results until next week.  I've been feeling normal, but who the heck knows if it has anything to do with anything.  Knee went in for his WIC check up.  He weighs roughly 21 lbs.  The wait at the office was a long one.  Everybody was there getting their vaccinations up to date.  We decided to take Hubby to lunch (hence no Tuesday's What's on Your Kid's Lunch Plate).  Wendy's has this cool soda machine now where you can all sorts of flavors added to your drink.

Update: Got a call this afternoon.  Stats coming back down so he wants to yet another blood draw six months from now and to take care of my liver (ie no Tylenol, Aspirin, and guess that means I eat a ton of chocolate, drink coca cola and frozen coffees to deal with my pain)

3.  Wednesday, I did water play outside with the boys.  I have an old large plastic drawer meant for a closet.  I use it outside these days.  I take an old gallon ice cream container and fill it with water twice.  I dump it into the drawer.  HB hops in it and has a ball.  And later I put Knee in it too  They get a little dirty because it's on the porch, but they had a lot of fun outside for an hour.  I also gave them a cup with a little hole in the top (looks like a coffee cup) to slosh around water and a squirt bottle which I kept spraying them down with.

Also got more fluffy mail, which I'm sure you saw in the Wordless Wednesday post.

5.  Thursday, I normally take the kids to McDonald's on Thursdays just to get them out of the house.  This McD's has an indoor kids play area so I take them their earlier than we normally have lunch at home so that HB can eat and then run around in it.  Sometimes there are a ton of kids there.  Today a gentlemen and his daughter came.  From the sound of things, it was daddy take your daughter to work day.

6.  Knee, in case you don't know, has been standing up independently.  He stands up at the couch or on the couch.  He stands up at the tub.  He stands up on me.  My mom made a remark about him being a bit young, but I don't think Knee got the memo.  I've known a few children who walk independently by 10 months of age and I think Knee is trying to be one of them.

7. I think my blog is slowly morphing into a reviewer's blog.  Unintentionally.  I have a lot of reviews coming up the pipeline:  my loot of fluffy stash, my kindle, the kindle apps, some books I've been reading...You're probably all going to be sick of it.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

And to top it off, next week is World Breastfeeding Week so before I bore you to tears with my reviews, I'll bore you to tears with my posts or reposts about breastfeeding.  See you hate me.

If you breastfeed, see if you can get involved in the Big Latch on Event that's being held that weekend of WBW.   

Thanks to Jen for Hosting!

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