Sunday, July 8, 2012


There's some news article about a family tearing down a 2 million dollar home when it was almost completed because the construction workers put the garage in the wrong place.

The crazy part, to me, was the description of the house.  Two stories with 4 bedrooms and 544 square foot pool.  So this is what I posted...

crazy people with money...her pool is a more than half the size of my apartment and my apartment is 2ba, 2bed with walk in closets.....
And then the assumptions flew about me thinking that it was wrong to correct the fault of the construction team.

And then someone wrote this in response.

.. So get a better job, why are you angry with people who work hard and make more? Don't blame others for your financial failures in life.
First of all, the people in this case are lawyers.  Both were former federal prosecutors.  So I paid dearly for their posh pads.  I can say whatever I want to about it.

Secondly, I'm not angry.  I think it's ridiculous to be spending so much on a second home.  Why do they even need it?  It seems wasteful, gluttonous, and greedy.  Build yourself an extra house and call it tiny in comparison to your mansion.  Hummmm......

And then they make the assumption that I have some sort of financial failures...which I don't.  There are millions of people in debt or worse situation then we are in.  Outside of our upside down mortgage we don't have any debt.  Let me repeat that.  Outside of a mortgage (which is normal for most middle class peoples) we have no car loans, student loans, credit card debt, speedy loans, bank loans, hospital bills, etc etc.  Nada zip.  The only people we owe anything to is Bank of America, but then they sorta owe us as we have an account with them there and therefore they make money off us too.

Someone made the assumption that I was disgusted out of jealousy.  And I assure you, dear friends, I am not jealous.  Disgusted of someone's flagrant expenditures, yes.  Jealous?  No.

I became a teacher knowing that I would make peanuts the rest of my life and get flack for it.  But I became because a teacher because I know that I would have the greatest impact.

Now maybe those two former feds felt the same way when they became lawyers, but they aren't making any good impacts with their house being torn down and saying "it's not a big deal."

I'm of the opinion that you only need enough money to feed your family, care for your family's health, and put a roof over their head.  A second house doesn't qualify.

If I ever won the lottery, I would first pay off the mortgage and cut ties with Bank O' Greed and Pork Barrel Bail Outs, and then put some money into a college fund for my children.  The rest I wouldn't keep.  Not one red cent.  I'd give it to someone who truly needs it.   Not here in the states, but somewhere so they can pull themselves out of poverty.  I'd invest it into teachers in another country, or wells or to provide animals or seed for farmers.

And that's how it is for most people who've experienced some amount of poverty.  The poorest give until it hurts while the wealthy barely skive from their 1 percent.  And we all know what Jesus thinks about that.

So Ms. Assumptions and those who don't get it.  Yes, it's crazy.  It's crazy that two public servants are building a second house when most people are struggling to find a job.  It's crazy that people need help and we're arguing over whether they have a right to tear down a house because the construction crew messed it up.

And that's America.  It's 1st world problems that don't really matter.

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