Monday, July 30, 2012

Brown Cow Cotton Diaper Review

Sponsor:  Brown Cow Cotton
Item(s): Cover and two trifolds

Children's Measurements
Knee; 7 months, chunky, 21 lbs approx, 26 inches tall
HB; 2.5 years, skinny, 28 lbs approx,  33 inches tall aprox.

The cover is three layers.  The outer layer is cotton print while the inner layer is soft and absorbent organic cotton with a hidden layer of PUL.  There are three hip snaps and the diaper is a four step (as opposed to the three) step rise.  The diaper is not wipeable and is designed to be used with either her flats or her trifolds which are several layers of organic cotton.  They are stitched to be trifolded and then put inside the cover.  One side of the trifolds are sort of flat-ish and the other more fluffy.

When I first got the diaper, the first thing I noticed was how nice it felt. The second thing I noticed was how small it was. I questioned whether the diaper would work for larger children. I did snap it down to it's smallest setting (it also has cross-over snaps) and think that it would make a fantastic diaper for a newborn. With diapers, it seems that you get it one way or the other: small enough for a newborn or large enough for a larger baby. And this is sort of true with this diaper.

 Here's a comparison shot of the diaper with a couple of name brand covers. On the left is a Flip. On the far right is a Thirsties duo wrap size 2. As you can probably tell, the BCC cover is a smidge shorter than the Thirsties and does not have nearly as much wrap around as the Flip.  Also keep in mind that the BCC has more layers to it than the other two diapers.  Thus what you can stuff into it is also restricted. 

 This is Knee wearing it.  It gets around his chunky legs just fine and the rise seems okay.

This is HB wearing it.  The rise is a little shorter than I would like for him because he is a boy.  His male part, if it's pointed upward, is not all that far from the top of the diaper.

Testing phase:
Both boys pooped in it and it held up well.  Naturally I could not reuse the cover because although the vast majority of the poop landed on the trifold, some of it ended up on the cover.  This really isn't unusual for us since I often have to wash my Flips after a big poop.  With just pee, HB soaked a single trifold really well and the cover too.  I haven't tried two trifolds together because I'm afraid the diaper may not fit well on his hips. 

Because there are three hip snaps, we run into the common problem of having a male snap rub on the skin.  HB didn't complain about it and I didn't notice any marks, but Knee did have marks (he has chunky hips too).

This is just me, but I would go to a standard two snap system for each flap.  The other thing I would do to reduce the chance of male snap red marks is to offer some sort of patch so that the female snap just hangs in the diaper and only the flat part touches.  Or what most people do is offer a contoured style diaper or a trifold that can be wrapped around the child's hips.

Also I would not eliminate the smallness of the cover, but if her business grows enough, I would suggest offering a cover that is designed with larger children in mind.  Sort of like a duo system.  But you don't have to call it that.

Love the owner.  She was extremely helpful and I got to choose the print from those she has available.  Isn't it cute!  Also she is a WAHM so the diapers are made in the USA, baby!

The stitching is also really superb.  I didn't notice any flaws.  Did she seriously do this herself from start to finish?  Must have this pattern down pat.

Disclaimer:  These opinions are my own.  I was not compensated in anyway nor asked to give this review.  I won the diaper from the mentioned above host in a contest.

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