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Diaper Review: Giggle Life

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Here's why I'm writing a review.  When it comes to giveaways, the host either contacts the sponsor or the sponsor contacts the host.  I'm not sure who contacted who in this case.  But it doesn't matter.  The host drums up support for the giveaway.  They advertise it, check to make sure that the winner followed the rules, and sets themselves up as a go between the sponsor and the winner.  Sometimes the host also ships out the product to the winner.  In exchange for doing all this, the host gets a free product to try out.

The sponsor gives away two products (one to the host and one to the winner) as well as shipping costs.  In exchange they get free advertising and more interest in their site or product.

It's a win win for the sponsor and the host.

The winner's job is simply to click and what they click on is up to them.  The can forward on the info about the giveaway or they can answer a couple of simple survey questions like what print do they like or what would they purchase in the store.  This also gets the sponsor's name out there and gives them an idea of what consumers would like.

However, the winner (unlike the massive throng trying to win the diaper) actually wins the diaper.  Thus I think the winner owes some sort of a public (at the very least some mentioning on facebook or somewhere) thank you to acknowledge both the host and the sponsor.  But I take it a step further, I feel I should also give my two cents about the diaper that I won.  So here it goes...

Diaper: Giggle Life

As you can probably tell from the picture, the diaper I received is minky.  I was a bit hesitant about minky before.  People rave about them, but how on earth could they be water proof?  Well turns out there's a layer of what I assume is PUL inside the diaper.  The great thing about minky is it's more gentle on baby's skin because it is so soft.  So that's a huge plus.

The diaper has a three step rise system and cross over snaps.  It's a pocket with a bamboo lining (unlike most pockets which use microfleece/microfiber).  It comes with two bamboo inserts.  They are extremely soft too.  They are a little narrow, unfortunately.  There's one opening for insertion at the back.

The diaper is awesome for it's softness factor.  It's also a nice fit for both the boys and very absorbent although I hesitate to try the nap test unless I add some hemp to it.

Bizzing Bea sells the diapers for 15.99 USD.

The downsides:
1. Color- That diaper is supposed to be red.  But it looks as Hubby puts it like a "light red" or a dark pink.  In a certain light, you would think that HB was wearing pink instead of red.  Don't get me wrong.  I could care less if he was wearing pink, it's just that that's not exactly what the doctor ordered.

2. The inserts- I mentioned they were narrow.  I also think they bunch and slide.  When trying to strap the diaper onto Knee's wiggly body (yes, we're in wiggle phase now), I spent a large part of the time re-adjusting them.  When I used my hemp inserts, it wasn't as bad because they are wider and stiffer.

3. MIC- Although Giggle Life is a Canadian-based company, they're diapers are made in China.  But they admit to it.  Here's what the company says.

The diapers are made in China with care and high quality materials. The workers have a safe work environment and are paid a fair wage. We understand there are quality concerns with products from China, which is why we sourced multiple manufactures during our trail phase and committed to the best and a respectable manufacture. We stand by our products and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We accept returns of all unused diapers and should you receive a defective item we will gladly replace it for you. Don’t be misled by our low prices. We offer top quality products and great customer service. Give our diapers a chance and you won’t regret it!
The upsides:

Despite it taking a while for me to receive the diaper (it really all depends but usually you wait 6-8 weeks although it usually takes less time then that), I loved the customer service.  The diaper was packed well and she included some nice samples of LuSa soap (locally made in WI) and Tiny Bubbles Detergent by Grovia.

The soap is divine.  Smells so good!  And is good for the skin.  The detergent I haven't tried yet, but I don't expect anything out of the ordinary since it's cloth diaper safe.

I love the note on the back of the card.  She really cares about her customers.

If you are anti-MIC, you'll be happy to note that she also sells Happy Heinys, Kiwi Pie, and Peachy Green Diapers which are made in the USA.

I love supporting Ali.  She's a small work from home mom business.  And she named her business after her daughter, Bea, who had Trisomy 18 and lived an amazing 6 weeks.  Periodically she gives a percentage of her sales to research for Trisomy 18.

So please, go support Ali!  Love her.

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  1. Cute! Although I do agree it looks pinkish...

    Btw I feel the same way about items I win. They get reviewed, just seems like the right thing to do.

  2. Im more upset with their ultra softs (giggle life)not having the thigh snap. My son gets wing leg now. (The flap comes out) the bamboo do have the thigh snap. I agree the insert of the bamboo slide alot and isnt good with an active infant but otherwise i like the bamboos...not at all a fan of the US. My Kawaii baby brand is the same print but entirely different strength in PUL inner lining. I don't get it. But they do have large inserts which i like. If they put a thigh snap on the ulra soft, i would probably buy again.


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