Saturday, July 28, 2012

I had this cool post in mind

I had this cool post in mind to write about NFP.  You know because it's so cool.  Then I forgot.  Oh, now I remember.  I was going to mention something about how I notice a lot of blogs promote it for the religious aspect, the affordability, and the environmental.

Those things are great but that's not what sold me on it.  The science did.  You see the pharmaceutical companies sell you a bill of goods about the effectiveness of their drugs, but what sold me about nfp was the science and the research behind it.

Yeah, I know.  I totally ignored the morality part of it.  Hey, I'm just a perpetual sinner.  It's the science that made the most sense to me.  That and somehow I felt more complete and sexy.


Yeah, sexy.

I tried to explain this to Hubby.  If some girl tells a guy "ew, yuck, you're sperm is gross.  Get away from me now!", you, as a guy, probably would not be turned on by her.  In fact, you may wonder if she needs to see a shrink because in society sperm (or it's obnoxious names for it) are considered sexy. 

So is cervical fluid/mucus.

But fertility is not sexy and since men's fertility is housed in their testes then one could conclude that men's fertility is sexy and okay.

Women's fertility is not seen as sexy, but rather it's the blame game.  Like for some odd reason people just simply can't understand that every act of sex EVERY ACT OF SEX has the possibility of bringing forth life.  Unless of course, you are post-menopausal (but I'm not talking about that). 

We blame the woman if there's a baby involved because it's her fertility (as opposed to their fertility) that it is her responsibility.  And we expect (well society does) her to tow the line.

This makes me feel oppressed and oh so not sexy.  It's like the woman screaming that mens sperm is gross.  It's like laughing at a guy because he isn't "up to size" if you catch my meaning.

It's demeaning and humiliating to say something is wrong with my body and something is wrong with me because my body has cycles of fertility/infertility.

So I don't feel sexy at all.

NFP is the game changer.  It places my fertility at the forefront of the sex discussion and it doesn't treat it as something that the man should be in the dark about and that I have to "take care of it."

Instead NFP puts my fertility at the forefront of things and makes it something to be embraced and not trashed.

So when I say that NFP makes me feel sexy it's like all those pictures of what's that guys name floating on the internet with a cute smile and a "hey, honey"  It's that with a "hey, honey, your fertility is just fine and you are perfect just the way you are."

Oh, and support this poor lady.  She just wants some darn pregnancy pillow tags.

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