Friday, July 20, 2012

Quick Takes Friday

Not any of the churches I've ever been too, just public domain pic.

1.  I knew the phrase "once a Catholic, always a Catholic" but after reading a post on, I inquired about a fleeting phrase about people baptized Catholic but not raised Catholic's obligations.  As you may already be aware, Hubby is a Catholic through baptism, but he was raised Southern Baptist.  I always tell him that he is a Catholic even though he disagrees.

Apparently not too long ago, you could write a letter asking not be Catholic anymore.  It sort of gave persons who may have been baptized but never practiced a way out of things.  But you can't do that anymore.  Hubby is under the same obligations as I am.

This means he has to go to Mass, he can't remarry either, also has to raise our children as Catholics, etc. etc.  In getting more details, if you were baptized Catholic but weren't aware, you are under a different set of morals.  Meaning you're just like Joe Smoe down the road who isn't baptized simply because you don't know.  In Hubby's case he does, which makes it all the more difficult because he's blatantly making mortal sins.  Not that he cares.

This also has other can't just go have your child baptized because it's the thing to do.  You have to understand that for the rest of their lives, they are under certain obligations and moral codes.  Why don't they teach this in those boring baptism classes?  I don't understand.  I get that baptism is all about saving grace, but really we should also be taught about what that means for Canon Law for our children.

If this baptism thing is true, then that means all children are obligated (illness not withstanding) to go to Mass.  And I wonder if this means that if we as parents don't take them (because they likely to interrupt) are we not fulfilling our obligations and theirs too?  Yikes!

2. Okay that one was a bit of a long preponderance....but I've been parish shopping.  I know.  I know.  I hang my head in shame.  After first moving here, I only checked out two parishes: the Spanish-only and the big full of activities parish, which we joined.  But it wasn't working for us.  I could go into detail about how I think they're creating some sort of hierarchy among the laity with their stewardship family program or the fact that they have no cry room and intermittent child care, but I get shushing at Mass.  So I felt compelled to revisit the diocesan page and seek out new parishes and new civilities to boldly go parish shopping like never before (okay way to much Star Trek).

The first church was half blue hair and half Filipino.  It was a small church, very lovely.  A lot closer to our house.  I enjoyed it a lot.  Filipinos, as a culture, are very family oriented.  Problem.  No cry room.  So I kept looking.

About equi-distant to the full of activities parish is another parish.  It's close to my kids' doctor so I tried it out.  And eureka!  We have a cry room.  It's small but doable.  One poor lady was in there with her husband.  She had just had brain surgery for brain cancer.  Aggressive sort too.  Prayers for her.  So now our whole entire family can go to Mass without running after a toddler or excessively having to shush him for fear of nasty looks.  Oh, Happy Day!

3.  I had a great birthday.  We went to Denny's for dinner.  You can get a free Grand Slam on your birthday.  We did, however, disturb one couple.  It was at the end of dinner and HB was shrieking/talking loudly.  They abruptly got up and asked to be reseated.  They ended up next to another family with a four year old and a two year old (I'm guessing).  I understand that loud children can be bothersome, but really what do you expect?  It's Denny's.  It's a family-friendly restaurant.  Want a quiet place?  Try a Macaroni Grill or something. 

Irony:  You go to a family restaurant and ask to be reseated because of an unruly toddler only to be reseated next to another family with an unruly toddler (theirs was a climber). 

4. For my birthday, I bought myself a Kindle Fire.  I owe this feat of gluttony to Tiffany.  Her love affair with her Kindle made me question my dislike of technology and my love of dusty covers.  That and Hubby doesn't let me use his Ipad to read books to the kids (or play kid games).  I've never touched it.  Ever.  So I bought one with his encouragement.  It hasn't come in yet.

I also figure one good thing about it is that since I don't have a cell phone, I can at least use it in case of an emergency since it has wi-fi.  I can e-mail Hubby to let him know that I've walked to the local 7-11 because the car got a flat.  I hate cell phones.  People have trouble unplugging from them.  And don't get me started about texting at inappropriate times *cough Mass*.

5.  This is my first attempt to up-cycle a wool sweater into a wool soaker.  Not too shabby, if I say so myself.  I need to make bigger ones for the older one, but at about 5 bucks.  I'd say it's well worth it to try out wool.  I plan on devoting some time to writing a post on the subject so I won't say to much hear.  Speaking of writing check out my Authored Articles Tab

6.  Fluffy mail!  Fluffy mail!  This is only part of my loot.  Care to take a guess as to what it is?

7. Knee keeps attempting to stand up with assistance.  He gets up to his knees but not quite to his feet.  So Thursday evening we gave both kids a dunk in the tub at the same time.  No drowning was noted.  My brother and I used to take baths together too.  I remember one funny incident when he pooped in the tub.  Mom I don't think thought it was so funny, but I did.

Thanks to Jen for hosting!


  1. *beams* I expect a full review of the Kindle after you play with it a bit!


  2. I teach Faith formation at my parish when teaching about 10 commandments and sin I told kids that it isn't a sin for them if they miss mass. A sin is an act that you know is wrong but freely choose to do it. Most kids can not choose to go to mass if their family dosnt attend. It is a sin if mom says I leaving for mass at 10 and they choose not to get out of bed.

    This was typed on my Kindle Fire it is an amazing piece of technology at an ok price.

  3. I don't think it makes kids obligated to go because they really don't have that control... or understanding (depending on age).


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