Friday, August 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes

He said that he wanted me to make him a toga from his bath towel.  Maybe I should start looking into making him some simple costumes like a toga or a lab coat.

1.  HB is a smart kid.  He's a little too smart.  The pedi we saw says he talks a mile a minute and he's for certain speaking English even though it sounds garbled/babbling to us a good chunk of the time.  For example, he used to talk about swimming a lot.  Until I realized one day that he was saying "excuse me"  which I guess sounds like swimming to my ears.  He's very polite.  He also says "thank you" and "your welcome" and often times "please."  Also "bless you" for things like coughing and sneezing.  Not to mention full sentences like "Mon, whatcha doin' on the pu?"  Which if you don't speak toddlerese is "Mom, what are you doing on the computer?"  He knows shapes, colors, numbers (even though he struggles to count he knows the numeric symbols), letters, and even some letter sounds.

2. He's a little too smart and just like his dad, he gets bored.  Easily.  This leads to him getting into a lot of trouble particularly around his brother.  Just this morning I heard "get off your brother....let go of your, I said let go...." from his dad.  It's frustrating. 

My husband told me that I needed to work out a way to control his behavior.  Ha!  I can control only my behavior.  The correct thing to say is to teach him self-control.  Control isn't right and it's a bit irritating if not degrading to HB.  HB is a child not a slave.  And I'm working on the self-control part but it takes time and child development.

3. I'm also working on a bit of potty training.  We backed way off when it became a contest, but he's old enough and he knows what a potty is for.  And he knows, judging by this afternoon's episode, how to use a potty.  He told me that he had to go potty, insisted that I removed his diaper, and this proceeded to dance around the room all the while peeing and pooing on the floor.  The problem isn't is lack of knowledge or knowing when he has to go.  The problem is that he won't sit still long enough to go on the potty and he doesn't have a great desire to use it. 

The first one is just a simple lack of maturity.  It used to be that he never sat still.  But earlier this week he sat (sort of more like he stayed) in a both at McD's eating, drawing, and playing with a couple of toys on hand while waiting for the guy to finish cleaning the play area.  It took an hour.  As soon as the guy was obviously done, though, there was no containing him. 

The other one is desire.  I'm working on giving him incentives for deciding to the use the potty ie stickers.  When it's time to change his diaper, he can either have his diaper changed or he can sit on the potty for a sticker.  He gets to decide.  That way it's his choice not mine but it still keeps the potty at the forefront of the relieving oneself avenue.  Today he got one sticker for sitting however brief on his potty and one for notifying me that he had to use it.

4. HB is also working on other life skills like throwing trash away, putting away his shoes, and at the end of the day putting away his toys.  He seems to thrive with all this responsibility even though he dreads putting away his toys.

We have had to close off access to the kitchen.  But that's because it's far easier to tell a 2.5 year old to leave the cat food alone than it is to teach an nearly 8 month old to leave it alone.

Watch out, buttons! I'm gonna get you!

5. Knee is cruising.  We don't have a table he can really cruise around and around, but he does take a few steps here or there particularly if I'm sitting at one end of the couch and he really wants me.

He's also working on some life skills.  He doesn't like it when I tell him not to eat dirt.  I usually watch him grab a handful and make for his mouth.  To prevent insertion, I simply rub my hand against his lips and tell him no.  HB cared less when I did this.  Knee cries horribly and then promptly decides that it's so not worth the temptation and basically indicates that he wants to be held.  Poor guy.

6. Hubby has pulled some muscle in his neck and shoulder.  He's in the middle of physical therapy.  It's a reoccurring injury, which I'm sure he'll have to deal with periodically.  He also has a bit of arthritis in his neck.  It's not enough to do anything for but it certainly doesn't help the problem.

7. And there's nothing new to report about me other than I have a lotta stuff to do these days.

Thanks to Jen for hosting!

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