Monday, August 13, 2012

Beverly's Apps

So I've been reviewing a lot of diapers lately and I promise that I will continue to do more...But I thought that I would switch things up and talk about Beverly.  At some point I promise to give a comparison to the iPad which my husband has.  So below are free apps for tots and free apps for Catholics.

Free Apps for Tots

Editor's note:  Apps for Kindle are essentially android device apps so if you own an android, you can also download these.

Coloring Pages for Kids by Yuris- Although one of the common complaints of this is that you only get three colors at a time, I still like the app.  You do have the ability to decide which colors.  You can also save the picture, decide to fill or use different thicknesses, and there are a multitude of pictures to choose from including Easter pictures.

Fireworks Arcade- This app lives up to the claim that it's fun for all ages.  It has four different types of games (all involving fireworks) that progressively get more difficult.  HB loved it....for a while, but he get's bored of things until he "rediscovers" them again. 

Fruit Ninja-  This game if you purchase can unlock different things.  It is also available for iPad.  It's similar to Fireworks accept there's only one action involved:  you slicing through fruit.

Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games- This is another must pay to unlock the games.  But the one's that are unlocked are shapes and colors, letters, and counting.  The one for shapes and colors says it's for two year olds, but it's really hard.  Trapezoids?  And it calls the crescent shape "moon" which is completely incorrect since the moon a) changes it shape to the naked eye and b) it really a sphere.  The counting game is good and simple and could be marked for two year olds.  The letters is appropriately marked, but may also be difficult for some three year olds.

istorybook-  This is good for any age.  The books are read to you.  The company also has different apps that you can download for Christmas books and for History books.  With this version, you can add a book about Bl. Mother Teresa.  It gives you the option of adding new books from their catalog (and deleting other ones).  They are always updating.

Great Free Aps for Catholics

Holy Bible- This app has all sorts of translations of the Bible including the Douay-Rheims, Contemporary English Version (which parts are approved), and what it calls the Catholic Public Domain Version.  Some versions of the Bible include audio tracts.  You can also add notes or bookmark sections.  You can talk to people through Youversion's online forum (Youversion is the publisher).  You can also find available Bible reading plans of all types, including only certain books or for the whole year.  Currently I'm using the Daily Bible Reading Guide-Catholic.  Each day I get a new passage to read and the app can alert Beverly that I need to read or it can send my e-mail an alert message.  This helps keep me on track.  Additionally I can tweet or post on Facebook where I'm at (some of you may have noticed me doing this) so I also have people to cheer me on.  

Laudate- I cannot sing the praises of this app enough.  A lot of it is simply linked web content, but it's still handy that you don't have to do a websearch.  It includes...daily Mass readings (and reflections) either text or podcasted,  Daily Liturgy of the Hours (text only), Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet (both text and podcast), Confession where you can click to examine your conscious, Stations of the Cross (text only but with Traditional, Scriptural, of Pope JPII Good Friday 1991 versions), Prayers (English text), Latin Prayers (same prayers in Latin text only as well), Catechism (linked to web), Catholic Media (outside podcast links), NAB version (text only need web access with the Bible app you can download and use sans web), and Douay-Rheims version (see NAB remarks).  You also have the option to add prayers and book mark anything.  There's also a special section titled 'Prayer for Religious Freedom' that they recently added.  They are constantly updating. 

There are several very good for pay (low cost) apps for Catholics too.  There's a Divine Mercy Chaplet that's free from the Marian Fathers and CatholicVote Mobile (which is political updates) that are free, but I haven't downloaded either since I don't pray the DMC much and the political stuff I get hammered with enough on the internet as it is.

Tomorrow is Lunch Tuesday's and I have no idea what to write about.  Maybe I'll talk about cooking during the summer since where I live is under an extreme heat advisory so I have no strong inclinations to use my oven  (I think I've used it a handful of times this season so far).

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