Wednesday, August 8, 2012

BF Blog Hop: Laws

Well I had this lovely post all typed up and then...blogger killed it.  It's vanished.  It's completely and utterly gone.  I give up.  Blogger, you are horrible.

That's what I thought last night after I typed up a pages long answer to the question complete with sources and then gone.  I screamed at my computer and lamented the "inconvenience" of blogging.  I even tried to schedule it but it wouldn't let me.  So I gave up and went to bed only to get more and more frustrated about things also out of my control. 

So tonight here is the down and dirty version.

The short answer is yes, I know the laws.  I know both the laws pertaining to nursing in public and the laws about pumping at work.  And I think it's also important to know these laws.  Not just for your particular state, but for every state.  The reason is because you may move there.  You may visit there. 

You should also know the federal laws and you should know laws about any countries you plan on visiting or moving too. 

Here are some links

I particularly like the host's discussion on Mississippi both it's fab laws and it's horrible breastfeeding stats.  It's like she's reading my mind but more like she lives there.  I'm glad that I no longer do, but it's only because to breastfeed there is an uphill battle.  I'm glad she's waging it.  After 22 years of fighting my own personal hell, enough is enough.

Not to say we shouldn't.  Tennessee has recently updated it's law to exclude it's NIP only to 12 months cap.  Hopefully we can all rally together to have something similar passed in Idaho and West Virginia (even though W.V. says they don't need it, but I've only been there once so I have no idea how open the culture is NIP).

Having the law in your favor and knowing what it is helps in the effort to normalize breastfeeding.  I'm really surprised that a lot of people don't know about laws for where they live.  I've had to educate a few people.  

Rant over.  On to next rant.


  1. I'm so sorry your post gotten eaten! That's the kind of thing that makes me want to go all Hulk and smash my computer. I'm glad you took another stab at it and linked up with us :)

    You make a great point about the importance of knowing laws for other states too. I visit family frequently in Alabama, and will be traveling to Florida later this year. I will say the town I visit in Alabama is so much more breastfeeding friendly than other areas that I really hadn't thought about it. But it's still a good idea to be prepared, because uneducated people are everywhere.

    Sorry you've had the misfortune of dealing with the breastfeeding climate in Mississippi, too! I did know a handful of other moms who breastfed for the first few months, but all of them except for my co-blogger/sister-in-law Jeniffer pumped exclusively when they were out and about... And then lost their supply. Hmm. I've been thankful to connect with my town's LLL, and there is a great group of about four regulars. Counting me and Jen! But change has to start somewhere. I hope I can do that every time I make the choice to breastfeed in public, despite public opinion.

    Thank you again for joining us at the Breastfeeding Blog Hop!


  2. That's horrible that the NIP laws only apply for the first 12 months in Tennessee, but agree the other few states that don't have NIP laws NEED to get on board.

    FYI: I'm sorry blogger ate your post. :(


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