Friday, August 3, 2012


So this morning HB woke up fever free but had developed a rash around his neck and face.  I followed mother's intuition and insisted that he go to the pediatrician. 

She asked me a series of questions and then looked at his throat which pronounced to be "very red" and was "not surprised that he's not eating anything."

She did a throat culture and warned me that sometimes strep has a rash.  The culture was negative but it's also only 98 percent accurate so just to make sure we are the 2 percent of cases she sent it into the lab and we won't know if he need antibiotics until Monday.

In the meantime...he's stir crazy despite feeling bad but I had to continue the movie marathon to keep him from making himself throw up.  Otherwise he'd run himself around the room 90 miles an hour and then gag all sweaty and what not and throw up any liquid contents.

Apparently he doesn't think he's sick.  Between "stop kicking your brother"  "get off your brother" and "I love you but your driving me nuts" I never was so happy to see Hubby walk in the door in all my life.

If it's a viral thing, she doesn't know about the rash.  We just have to wait...and wait...and wait.

We missed a play date today and tomorrow I'm taking Knee solo for the Big Latch On.  I had hoped to bring two but if he's got strep, he needs to stay home.  I'd quarantine the whole family but 1) not sure he has strep and 2) nobody else if feeling bad 3) I need to get out of my house.

This was also the reason why I decided to forgo standing in line for a chicken sandwich and opted to be flirted with by the dinning staff at Popeyes.  Apparently you can say "damn" and still be employed there.  And yes, I'm still a Mac for ordering Mac n' Cheese.

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