Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Seemingly Random

1.  Hell froze over.  I cleaned my house.  Not just part of it.  No.  I organized it.  Decluttered crap in the master suite that is the dumping ground.  Scrubbed the tub.  Rearranged the plethora of kids toys.  etc. etc. So hell must of froze over because the slob cleaned house.  I hate cleaning.  I love organizing, but scrubbing is not my forte. 

Why did you clean then?

I had nothing better to do.  My kid was sick so I couldn't go anywhere really.  We didn't have the internet from about 1 ish onward on Saturday.  And I had planned on doing some cleaning anyway because it is the first of the month, the part of the month that I try and reserve for some more intense cleaning.  I also did 6 loads of laundry over the weekend.

I deserve a medal, but I'll settle for the dark chocolate Milky Way.  I need a sign that says "will clean for chocolate."

2.  HB's rash looked horrible on Saturday and then magically overnight his skin turned a normal hue.  So since we didn't know if he was contagious, I the "closeted tandem nurser" took Knee solo for the Big Latch On.  We were there with 30 families.  Alas one lady couldn't be counted.  It happens.  It was fun.  We got a goodie bag.  As I tell people often, I've stopped buying reusable shopping bags.  Somehow they seem to find me.

3.  After the Big Latch On, I stopped off at the closest Chick-Fil-A to home and grabbed food.  I noticed they are now stocking their kid's bags with Berenstain Bears books.  The Berenstain Books usually teach children about generic moral stuff, but lately they've been catering to Christians.  Since the whole CFA controversy, you click on their website and all they say is basically they weren't aware of it and to contact Harper Collins (their publisher to complain).  All I have to say is "cop outs."  If you are Christian, make an announcement.  If you believe they were right or wrong, say so.  Even if you do know, at least say you don't want to talk about your personal beliefs.  But the statement is too much of a cop out.

4. Speaking of CFA, I really don't get why this became so over blown.  I was watching a local news announcement from some protestors and the gentleman they interviewed said that CFA contributes money to hate groups as defined by the Southern Poverty Law Group.

The groups in question believe in using therapy to change a gay person to a straight person.  Bad physiology, but certainly not a hate group.

I equate it this way.  They used to use shock treatments with people who suffer from clinical depression.  The idea was to help them.  It doesn't work so we don't do it anymore.  Suffering from depression is horrible.  It's something people have no control over.  But you don't give a depressed person a gun.  If you do, then you are morally repugnant.

Similarly, there are groups who believe that a gay person needs therapy to change.  It's been proven that it doesn't work either.  But you don't give a gay person a condom and say "get her done."  Because that doesn't help the situation either.

Both groups have crosses to bear.  A depressed person may attempt suicide much like a gay person may stray.  But you don't cop out and say well "that's okay.  they really aren't hurting anybody but themselves."  No, you try and help.

A hate group, as defined by Wikipedia, is a group or movement that advocates hatred, hostility, or violence toward members of a race, gender, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation or other types of groups. 

Last time I checked a group using pseudoscience to help a gay person remain celibate is not advocating "hatred, hostility, or violence."

So if you are protesting them for contributing money to a "hate group" perhaps you had better get upset about what they are really contributing to- shoddy science. 

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