Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday: Book Review

I named my Kindle Beverly.  You may ask why.  I named my old desk top Jane as in Jane Austen.  And I named this lap top George as in George Eliot.  I name my electronic devices after authors.

Beverly was actually a difficult one for me to choose.  I figured since HB is using it too I should use a celebrated children's author, but who?  A lot of them have generic names that even my friends share:  Bill Martin Jr, Eric Carle, Sandra Boyton, etc. etc.   I assumed someone might get confused.  So I chose a name which I only know one person has and she's an acquaintance from another city.  Beverly.

I named my Kindle Beverly after Beverly Cleary, the celebrated children's author who gave us such fantastic books as Beezus and Romona, Henry Huggins, Socks, and The Mouse and the Motorcycle.  Incidentally she's still very much alive.  She's also a Presbyterian, and her husband was a Catholic.  So her books are cute but not so unconventional that they go against a moral creed.

I downloaded or rather borrowed an e-book on Beverly called "How to Boost Your Milk Supply" by Addison. 

The book is okay.  It gives a list of several herbs that can help boost milk supply and why.  It also gives suggestions on how much to take.  The book is only 15 pages long.  It's not a comprehensive list.  I noticed that hops isn't on there.  But it's suggestions are perfectly fine.

The title is a bit ambiguous.  It sounds like it would give you advice on pumping or having a snuggling with baby for 24 hours session.  But it doesn't do those things either. 

I think the book is suitable for a magazine article but not an entire book.  If you want a reference for building milk supply, you best bet is to choose a more comprehensive breastfeeding book or to look at the ILLL's website.

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