Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What's on Your Child's Lunch Plate?: Cooking

For today's culinary cuisine, we have fresh peaches, grilled cheese, and key lime pie yogurt (which is basically yogurt, sugar, and lime juice).  HB ate one slice of peach (his brother ate the rest of the peach and then some), ate the yogurt, and nibbled the grilled cheese.  He's not partial to my grilled cheese.

Cooking for the Summer

Because it is healthier and fresher, I try and purchase produce that is in season domestically.  Obviously I can't purchase bananas that are grown domestically since they don't grow in the US, but things like peaches and oranges I do try to stick with the season.  Hubby doesn't like this and neither does HB, but from an evolutionary stand point man's digestive/ metabolism thrives when we eat what's in season even if it seems like the same ol' same ol'. 

Beyond that I also make strives to keep my oven off.  Currently we are under an extreme heat advisory until tomorrow evening.  That means our children can fry eggs and bacon on the concrete outside.  That means a solar oven would work just as quick as a traditional oven....so to actually use an oven adds too much extra heat and taxes the a/c.

What do I use?  I try to stick with the crock pot.  A slow cooker uses as much energy as a light bulb.  It also doesn't heat your whole house.  I can put chicken and add barbeque sauce and viola...seasonal style cooking without the fuss.

For things that I need cooked at a quicker pace, I use my toaster oven.  While it sucks up some energy, it's nothing like the oven, heats up in 1/3 the time, and cools down faster.  It also doesn't make my house much hotter.

I also use the microwave.  You'd be surprised what you can cook in a microwave...potatoes, scrambled eggs, traditional pop corn, steam veggies, etc etc.  People don't like microwaves because they use microwaves which people worry causes cancer, but you're body is already inundated with them daily and if your microwave isn't belching out smoke like mine was yesterday morning when I burned a pancake....then it's shielding protects you.  They also use the least amount of energy of any cooking apparatus with the most versatility. 

Speaking of pancakes....I, on occasion, use the stove.  Even though it's an energy guzzler, I still prefer scrambled eggs that way.  You can make more to be reheated later in the microwave or in the case of waffles or pancakes you can freeze them and use your toaster or toaster oven to reheat them.  (I don't recommend using the reheat button on your microwave.  As it will catch your pancake on fire and spew forth smoke that still makes my house smell like burnt pancake.)

So next week....I think since it's the start of school I'll take about bento lunches.  Until then.

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