Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ah, the DNC

When I watched the RNC about a week ago with great enthusiasm my husband, the independent voter, asked me if I also planned to watch the DNC.  His logic was that if you hear the same rhetoric over and over that you sort of brain wash yourself.  "Listen to what they have to say," he said.  So dutifully I'm listening...and trying not to vomit while muttering "Oh, God" like it's the Jesus prayer.

What I've always Agreed about

I consider myself to be a moderate with conservative leanings.  I share some of the democratic party's view points on some key issues.  I believe that adults who were brought to the US illegally as young children should be given a pathway to citizenship.  They did what children are supposed to do, follow their parents, without having any say about how they got here.  So they're here.  Some of them don't remember their native tongue or feel comfortable with their native culture.  How can I ask someone who is essentially an American to go back to their country of birth?  It's like asking John McCain to return to Panama since that is where he was born.  (Yes, I realize he was born on a base in at the time US territory.)  I also oppose the death penalty.

Inherent problems

Normally I get a little warm for the democrats.  But so far Obama has not proved himself to be the economist Bill Clinton was.  Until Bill gave his long speech to rev the crowd, I didn't hear anything that discussed Obama's play to increase job growth, stimulate the economy, and more importantly decrease our national debt.  Despite Sister Simone Campbell's appeal to not follow the Ryan plan, I think something radical needs to happen.  That and I can't oblige that she cares so much about the poor and families that she forgets that one of the speakers before her was the President of NARAL.  Hello, what about defending the defenseless unborn?  Ah, social justice at it's finest. (sarcasm)

During the Sister's tirade (it was literally the first speech that I heard addressing the economy at all from the DNC), I was stirring the pot of food, feeling my stomach turn, and muttering "Oh, God" while wondering how low this woman had sunk.

"Reproductive Rights"

Not only did I manage to keep my lunch down for the sister, but yesterday (I think) the President of NARAL spoke and all I could do was shake my head.  Did she seriously say that a woman should determine her abortion by conferring with her doctor and her God?  Because God doesn't condone murder.  Period.

I thought that the democrats, a once welcoming group to pro-lifer's, would end it right there.  But today I was wrong when the President of Planned Parenthood stepped up to the podium and completely killed religious freedom.  She used the same rhetoric we've heard before, but I think nailed the coffin of the dem's by saying "a woman should have the right to birth control no matter where she works."  Didn't Obama promise that Catholic church's would be exempt?  So that means the President of PP thinks the secretary of a local parish has the right to shlep around with her boy toy while the parish pays for her birth control?  Hummm....

Not to mention that I don't buy that abortion is a woman's rights issue.  Only a few states have laws against gender selection via abortion.  You can't tell me that your for women's rights (or equality) if people are selectively aborting girls.  Sorry.  It doesn't fly.

Then I heard from Sandra Fluke where she (yet again) lied.  She said that there wasn't a single woman at the panel brought before congress.  There wasn't one on the first panel, but they had two panels (if CNN is still fact checking).  The second panel had women on it.

It's like listening to the same old record.  You'd figure they'd get their facts straight:  exemption for churches...check....second panel....double check.

I watch the convention from PBS because I don't have cable and it's the only channel I've got that shows it in it's entirety (not just the last hour or so).  They interviewed the key note speaker today, Mayor Julian Castro, and bluntly asked him if he thought there was room for pro-life dems.  Yes, he said.  He said that there was diversity within the party.

But watching all the speakers targeting pro-abortion, anti-religious freedom rhetoric I get the feeling that that's not true.  I used to think it was.  But not anymore.  The Dems are slowly pushing out moderates.  They pushed me out.  Way out.

Can't Take it Seriously

I can't really take it seriously, the convention that is.  Even the commentators basically said all the speeches have been about "reproductive rights" and gay rights.  The speakers try to equate it to the civil rights movement and the women's rights movement (for voting rights).  They even talk about religious rights, but it gets swallowed up by having speakers like the Presidents of NARAL and Planned Parenthood.

It doesn't help that when they pan around the floor there are a lot of celebrities in the crowd.  I can't help but think the whole thing is one giant party.  And they accuse the Republicans of caring about the rich and lining the pockets of the wealthy.  But just look at the exclusive party they threw for all the campaign contributions from the wealthy.  Can we say hypocrites?

I was hoping that it would get better and I'm optimistic that I'll hear something of substance that addresses two of my key issues:  the debt crisis and religious freedom.  But I won't hold my breath.


  1. God doesn't condone murder. Period?
    1 Samuel 15:3
    Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.

    Religious freedm means forcing your religious views on others? I agree you shouldn't have to pay directly for someone else's abortion, but once you've given your money to someone else, its not yours anymore. Do you ensure that the clerks at the grocery store you give money don't sin with their wages?

    Also your means belonging to you
    you're meanse you are.

    1. freedm = freedom. Uneditable typo.


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