Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Big Announcement: Year of Faith

October begins the Year of Faith.

Some of you may remember I sorta had a blog hop here called the Bible/Catechism Challenge.  I fell miserably off the wagon, but I'm hopping back on.

I've started a group called "Year of Faith" hosted by a different website.  The site has a few bugs for PC, but otherwise it works fine.  I figure it adds more people who aren't necessarily bloggers, but are avid Bible readers.

The tag line is thus:  The Year of Faith begins October 2012.  This group is for those who plan on working on the building blocks of faith: scripture, prayer, and Tradition.

It's different than the challenge because I don't want it to be so rigid.  I'll certainly help give ideas for how people can get into the habit of reading the Bible, Catechism, and increasing our prayer lives, but other than's what you want to get out of it.

I figure some of us have limited access to a Bible studyish/fellowship group so creating an online group where you can come and go as you please is a good idea.   Plus it helps to have someone to talk to.

Anyways...go sign up.  It's an open group so anyone can join.  I may change that if it becomes a problem and moderate membership.

And I have your choice of blog if you don't plan on joining or want to, more people can become aware.

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