Monday, September 3, 2012

DeeTergent Cloth Diaper Detergent: Review Mondays

Sponsor: DeeTergent

I received a bag of DeeTergent as part of a giveaway.  I've used about half the bag.  The detergent comes in a plastic bag with a tiny scoop.  It's a white powder and when you open the bag, you can definitely tell that it's scented.  It's also made in the USA.  :)

The product is good.  I've not had any problems with it causing repelling or build-up.

The scent is fine if you like flowery things.  I don't and usually try to avoid scents like that.  It doesn't, thankfully for me, make your diapers smell that way after they are washed.  They do have other scents that aren't perfumey.  Monkey Farts, which I imagine smells like banana, is one of their most popular scents.

For a medium bag it's 9.50 USD.  The large bag which is comparable to Rockin' Green's bags is 17 dollars.  I think Rockin' Green is less expensive.  There are, however, hidden bonuses.  DeeTergent can be used with any water type (you just may have to add less or more depending).  It comes with a scoop.  You can also add extra scent for a small fee.  They also have different scents than Rockin' Green.  Additionally, they give you instructions on how it can be used as a cleaner, which is nice since it's bio-friendly.

In personal humble opinion, it's not something I would regularly buy.  The reason is because it is more expensive than the other brands of cloth diapering detergent.  However, it does offer different scents and after a while I get tired of washing with smashing watermelon. 

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