Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Electronic Gadgets Hate Me

I've sorta fallen off the blogging wagon.  Here's why:

Our desk top died.  I can't use the lap top around the toddler and to set up the lap top so that I can sneak a few lines of posts here or there haven't happened because we haven't disposed of the dinosaur.  That and the toddler is apt to just take it with him which he has done on a few occasions if we don't keep the lap top on the tallest peak of our house.  I wonder if our land lord would have a problem if we started using the roof.

Shortly after the desk top's demise my crock pot died.  I put in a whole chicken and pushed the button.  It appeared okay until I checked it at lunch and realized it wasn't heated.  So I went to plan B and cooked it like most people do, in the oven.  I hate using the oven.  Not only does it consume mass quantities of energy, but it heats up my entire house.  And we're just now getting below triple digit F temperatures.  Our fall doesn't show up until winter time.

Speaking of winter...my oldest has two long sleeve shirts to his name and maybe four (five if I do some alterations) long pants.  Not that he needs a huge wardrobe for the two months of cold, but my goal is to get stuff together to take to a consignment store to trade.  It's not like we want to move a ton of bulky baby stuff anyway.  Bouncy seats are easy enough to replace later.

But in the midst of all this deciding...I tackled organizing The Box.  It's a large packing box with a plethora of boys clothing.  My oldest figured out how to open the box which was on the floor of his closet and took all my hard work at organizing it and made nests out of everything.  But then an idea hit me and I bought a bunch of those space storage bags and ended up organizing it all.  The clothes sit on a shelf in his closet.  I wish him luck scaling it and opening the bags.

Now to get more space bags to shrink my maternity clothing (which I should just organize and get rid of all the shirts that I hate) and all the bedding that we never use because it's like 75 degrees at night.

But not only have my electronic gadgets died but Beverly, my Kindle, is also coughing and sputtering.  Apparently it's not charging correctly.  The Amazon people are giving me a new adapter to try and self diagnose the problem since they keep everything in house and I can't get someone to actually look at it in person (*sigh*).  I don't think that's the problem.  I think the Kindle itself has a loose connection, but we'll baby step it until I have their permission to ship it back.

Then to add more fuel to my fire...it's nearing October when every fraking huge bill comes due.  And I cringe as I watch the bank account slowly shrink.  This is happening simultaneously with our condo having the flooring replaced (renters don't like the color pink) which means no incoming rent and another huge bill.

I keep reminding myself...
Matthew 6:25-34

Yes, I'm whining.  Isn't that what blogs are for?  One large complain fest to our besties on the internet. 

But now that I have that off my chest I can go to bed.  At least I will have clean undies tomorrow since I washed them in the sink tonight.  Loooonnnggg....story.

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