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Full Disclosure

It seems Mr. Kay thinks I haven't been fair.  For the purposes of disclosure I will now copy/paste every comment and if/where I discussed them in the confines of this blog.  In no particular order...

brought back many memories... made me laugh, made me happy to be where i am now in life... thanks, jake finn you guys are the best on

I didn't comment as I wasn't sure what this person was talking about.  Sounded more like they were just randomly posting.  I also didn't post since I couldn't make heads or tails of it.  I don't plan on doing so either.

 Just like it is creul not to put a dog down that has rabies. You choose the option that requires the least amount of suffering. Just like shooting a lame horse. If you can detect down's syndrome at 8 weeks, you can save that "human being" a LOT of suffering. Down's syndrome is suffereing. Sure, not ever second of every day, but more suffering than happiness. They virtually all require open heart surgery as infants: Suffering. They see that they are different and cannot participate in life like normal people do: Suffering. They are made fun of and watch their FAMILY be made fun of: Suffering. I know they can rise above it, a dog can also live a long time with rabies if you just pen it up and give it food and water. But the suffering is lessened if you put it down. Just because life is sacred doesn't mean you don't shoot a person being mauled by lions when you only have one bullet.
 My rebuttal

Funny, the blog is actually quite open and neutral in many respects. Paternity testing hurts no-one, but the feeling of trust in your partner. Citing 10% (usually more along the lines of 3%, but higher in cases where men actually do not trust their partners) of children being from another father would make it a prudent step to take by a presumed father to have a paternity test. And please, do consider this from the male standpoint : a woman always knows her child is hers. A man can only hope and trust. A simply paternity test will wave away any doubt and insecurity and help your partner feel at ease with his own children. What reason is there not to test for paternity? Paternity testing might not stop cheating, but it will bring it out in the open. And no man should be tricked in raising children that are not his own. That's as sick as switching kids in the maternity wards so women get someone elses child. on
 I actually didn't comment because I felt it was redundant to do so.  After a while I stopped posting what I saw as redundancy because I saw it as pointless.  I admit I lazily didn't post this one anywhere.  I'll post it now.

Wow, some rabid hamsters prowl here. Shudder...

Didn't comment; didn't post; and consider deleting as it violates my com box rules.

"Mr. Kay feels that women aren't to be trusted without strict checks on us." You do know that women file 70% of divorces, right? "If a person's going to cheat, they will anyway regardless." Locks keep honest people honest. 
I addressed this here...

"I mean we're aborting children with Down's at an alarming rate." THAT IS A GOOD THING YOU FRICKING IDIOT! IT IS *CRUEL* TO BRING A KNOWN DOWN SYNDROME BABY TO TERM. CRUELTY

Ok I missed this post originally, but wow what a piece of work. And to Anonymous (the one showing, not the one you quoted today) - That was actually an appropriate statement in this context. There is nothing wrong with being a nurse no, and that comment can be condescending when used certain ways, but in this case shows this man has no training to deal with this topic. 
This one was in my favor.  I just posted it to the com box. Sorry MK.  Didn't realize you commented.

Way to take things out of context. If my husband asked for a paternity test, I wouldn't be wasting my time blogging my anger. I'd be showing him every text message, email, Facebook message and anything else he wanted to see until his fears were alleviated. And then we'd have a frank chat about which behaviors touched off the fear. And we'd negotiate change. Mr Kay's blog isn't so powerful as to instill a frea like that merely by reading it. Your husband s much smarter than that. Give him a shred of credit. After all, it is a blog on fixing *broken* marriages.
Addressed here

Here's an example of what he says. Note that at the very end he says this all applies to men as well. Note that after you've read a lot of his posts you start to realize that when he says "woman are likely to blah," what he really means is "a large number of women are likely to blah." Not, "every single women is more likely to blah."

 Don't fall into the trap of thinking that what a fan of his says is what he would say. Kay would say you should follow your gut when it comes to a cheating spouse (male OR female). If you suspect your spouse is cheating, more often than not they are. Kay would agree that most women who file for divorce do it because they're unhappy. I'm wondering if your opinion of him is defined more by what a small number of his fans say, and less about what he says.
This was posted on the Post "More MMSL Blather" they are both posted by Hubby

Late to the party but: it's called projection. Athol is a bonafide sex addict who admittedly wanted to get into swinging at the start of his marriage; he also had an intense emotional affair with a coworker; has also bragged repeatedly about being able to "close" a couple other coworkers for extramarital sex. I.e., the man is a horndog who has a difficult time remaining faithful to his wife, no matter how much sex she "gives" him. Cheating is on his mind quite often, methinks, so he thinks EVERYONE shares his mindset. They don't. I've been reading his posts for a while now, as a sort of guilty pleasure, kind of like reading National Inquirer or People mag. Some of his advice is helpful, some silly, some downright harmful like turning into a jealous, irrational nut who suddenly has the urge to get the kiddies paternity tested. Has he done this with his own kids? And yes, he is "only a nurse" - no qualifications whatsoever for giving marital counseling other than rewording the work on
Posted to Why MMSL Sucks com box

To be fair it does sound a bit like you announced another pregnancy in there lol... but they must not have read past that because nothing else said makes sense with your post. For the record I'd be upset about being asked to do that for no reason too. We have discussed the subject here from the angle of if certain characteristics from one side of my family pop up in one or more of our children it might be a good idea, not to reassure him but so we have backup to handle those who would accuse me of it. I'm totally ok with that because I know what it would say lol. But that's not the reason you gave here. As a control measure, that's scary.
That was MK's response to Anon Poster Junk

"To be fair, Mr. Kay is only a nurse." Nice ad-hominem attack, and pretty low one at that. The problem with feminism is it turns women in the very men they loathe.
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nice blog........i like this post
posted in com box of Why MMSL Sucks

 I became a victim of major bullying by these guys after I came upon one a blog post describing single women over 45 as "waiting around for death" and wrote a scathing response to the entry, which was both sexist and ageist. I am a writer, actress and astronomer who is very happy being single and has no interest in getting married. The notion that I was a useless nothing waiting for death was too offensive to not merit a response. Because I stood up to these guys and did so fervently and articulately, I was ganged up on by the blogger and his friends who hurled every possible insult at me, including nonsense that I was filling my "empty" life with astronomy to substitute for what I "really wanted," which they said was a relationship with a man. They had the nerve to call me "borderline obese," which I'm not, a "heffer," "butt ugly," etc. The degree of hate from them was downright scary. See for yourself here:
This one was on What the Manosphere Was About post.  It's slightly relevant but not directed at MMSL

OUCH! This is a GREAT example to stay away from negative blogs---your husband's assignment- he needs to give you a foot rub 
Posted to MMSL com box

Oh my. My husband can be a little jealous too, but I would kill him if he ever suggested a paternity test. He usually say 'are you sure you aren't having an affair?' and then I get mad at him. I think he is insecure because of a bad experience in another relationship and I sort of understand now. I wish he knew that cheating in the last thing I would ever do though! Much more likely we'd get divorced because of pointless jealousy. Hopefully reading that blog is a phase that will be over soon.
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As you can see, I missed two comments.  One I knew about and lazily didn't post.  The other I didn't know about.  Both were from opposing sides.  If I missed anyone's post.  Please feel free to let me know.  I did this a bit hurried.  I will post the other two now.

Now, Mr. Kay.  There are seventeen comments that I see here.  It's not like a vast quantity of your readership responded.  With one exception, all of of the opposing side was addressed.  Those in favor I never responded to but only allowed into the com box.  Can we now agree that I was transparent and favored the opposing side of the discussion by allowing the comments to both stand and play out?

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