Saturday, September 29, 2012


So far this has been the turn of events.

I wrote a post about Mr. Kay's post.  I sent a comment asking him if he cared to comment.  He responded in an e-mail.  I posted the comment because I follow Welborn protocol.  I felt that transparency is important.  We were talking about setting up a debate.  I was hoping that he would openly answer my questions.

Instead he felt I've insulted him by addressing him in a professional capacity, calling him Mr. Kay.  He thinks that I hate him.  He thinks that a debate will harm my marriage.  He thinks I'm mean.  He doesn't want to be transparent.  He doesn't want to answer my questions where anyone can read them.  I don't understand why.  I also don't understand why he e-mailed me in the first place if he had no intention of addressing my questions publicly which is where this has up until today taken place. 

I've tried to quash his fears.  I said I didn't care where the debate was held.  I said that I was willing to abide by fair play rules.  I even posted every comment I've received since my initial post back in March.  I've done everything but bend over backwards and show the man my ass.  I don't understand why he still thinks having an honest discussion about his advice isn't warranted.

But maybe you don't think it is either.  The problem is that the man receives payment for a book he wrote.  This makes him a professional.  Now when I hire a plumber I make sure they are licensed, bonded, and insured.  Some people don't care and realize that the person fixing their pipes might do more damage than good.  Others may feel deceived when the person fixing the pipes isn't qualified.  So normally when a person comes across a bad plumber they contact the Better Business Bureau.  They warn people.  This person isn't what they seem.  Take their work with a side of caution.

That was my intention.  I wanted people to see just how dangerous some people's ideas are.  I wanted proof.  My long time readers know that I ask for data.  I've reviewed a ton of books.  Even Dr. Sears, who is a qualified pediatrician, I have said needs to site more sources.  I've contacted publishers and authors.  I've done what anyone would do.  Said that there is a problem and could someone openly, to the public address it.

Mr. Kay is angry.  I'm not sure if he will ever answer my questions or answer any of yours.  He said the forum is where I can ask and be answered.  Mr. Kay I don't want a pat on my ass.  I want you to answer my questions.  Why should a person buy into your advice?  If you were smart, you'd try to sell it here.  But your not.

And it only serves to prove my point.  The lack of transparency is dangerous, Mr. Kay.  If you cannot address my questions, if you cannot show me empirical data, then people should not be buying your book.  It's that simple.  Stop hiding behind e-mail and address the public.

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