Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How I bought a winter wardrobe for Ten Dollars

I bought a winter wardrobe for my growing eldest for ten bucks.  What I did was gather up things we do not wish to move.  Big bulky baby things and some baby clothes that were in decent condition.  And I searched around for consignment shops for baby things.  I found one in a nearby burrow.  And then went and sold what I could. 

She, the owner, trades for clothes but gives cash for other items.  So I did a split.  I traded up some clothes and then took cash.  Her shirts sell for 3.50. 

I can buy shirts for 2.99 at Goodwill without their sales.  Every other Saturday they give a 50 percent store discount.  And they also give discounts to seniors and students on certain days.  One Sunday a gentlemen gave me a student discount.  I think he was being nice because it was obvious it was my license.  I even told him as much.  Going to the 50 percent off days means you have to deal with vultures, those who go in and pick the store clean.  If I go on other days, I get better quality clothing.  Some of it looks like it's totally resaleable, but for whatever reason people donate it.  Hubby thinks it's because people consider the donations to be an act of charity.  Personally, that's giving new stuff and money.  Giving away clothes that your child has outgrown...not exactly charity even if it's being charitable.  I digress.

So I took my money and went to Goodwill and spent that money and additional 10 dollars for HB's entire winter wardrobe.  Well...that's not exactly true.  I had some items already.  But I didn't pay for those either.

What about Knee?  Well, he's got HB's old used at least one if not twice wardrobe.  My MIL hooked me up a couple of years ago.  Her local consignment shop will sell slightly stained (easily to remove in the wash with a little TLC) clothing for a quarter a piece.  Some of it is really stained now and so I'll have to try and use mommy magic.  HB is hard on clothing.  But most of it is still perfectly fine.

And the crazy thing is...Thursday, Friday, and Saturday it was a little nippy.  But this week they are predicting mid to upper 90s F weather.  Crazy.

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