Monday, October 15, 2012

How a SAHM goes to the grocery store

So yesterday evening I didn't feel up to making my usual grocery store run so I figured that Monday morning I'd drag the boys to the store and pick up enough stuff to make it through most of the week.  Enough stuff that I could get them through the store without incident.  Ha!

I told Hubby this morning that I would drop him off at work before going to the store.  Currently the Uni is on fall break.  So I pull up to the parking lot behind his building and I felt like something was weird but I wasn't sure that it wasn't all in my head.

Hubby told the boys good-bye and walked away.  So then I pulled away.  And thought no, not my imagination.  I pulled over to the side of the lot and sure enough...flat tire.

By this point it was roughly 8am and Hubby had already left.  So I gathered up the boys and headed into his building to go find him.  His office was unlocked so I left him a note and just as I was about to go find a bathroom, he came back with coffee in hand.

We decided it would be easier for him to change the flat and me to entertain the children.  We went downstairs just in time to see the meter man about to ticket me for parking without paying.  Hubby explained the situation and asked him if it was okay if he went ahead the changed the flat.  The meter guy didn't ticket us.  It was fall break.  Nobody was really in the lot anyway.  Hubby later told me that it was a good thing that the building was even open.

I brought the boys back inside to the first floor level where they could push the elevator button and stare at the exhibits including one with a dino skull.  Half an hour later or so a defeated Hubby came back.  He could get the jack out or rather figure out how to get it out.  He had called campus for help but they said they wouldn't.  He had looked around the lot for anyone he knew drove in to work to borrow a jack, but alas...  He also consulted the manual which was no help.  He thought it might be better to drive on the flat up to Jiffy Lube.  I said no.  First of all, Jiffy Lube doesn't sell tires.  Secondly we could call a service.  And then I suggested an internet search or to call the dealer for suggestions.

We went back up to Hubby's office and chatted with the dealer who wasn't helpful but said the service department would call us back.  Meanwhile we went and looked at the second floor collection of meteorites.  Then as fate/luck/a patron saint for the stranded traveler would have it, one of the guy's Hubby knew who drove into work showed up.

We went out to the car first and he figured out in about a minute how to remove the jack.  It's spring loaded (essentially) into the brackets in the trunk.  So if you drive a Hyundai Elantra, just pull on the darn thing.  I promise that it will give.  You also have to open it slightly to get it to lock back into place.

Hubby changed the flat and put on the donut lickity split.  Then I loaded up the kiddos and headed to Pep Boys. Hubby stayed at work.

To make an even longer story longer...I went to the local Big O Tires to have the oil changed and tires rotated and have regretted it ever since.  After also getting the belts replaced (which I knew was a problem), I had to then later go get a realignment and then Hubby had to take the car elsewhere because our battery died.  The leads were loose and would not re-tighten so he had them replaced..  Fishy...fishy. I spent about an hour at Pep Boys where they told me (as I suspected) that the tire had a big blow out and had to be replaced.  By this point it was nearing lunch time.  My ability to wrangle small children with a single umbrella style stroller was wearing thin.  I decided to skip on groceries and headed for the drive thru.

This evening after one minion was deposited in bed, I went to the store.  Two stores are having meat deals.  Including one that is having a huge deal on Turkeys.  I'd buy one but I don't have the freezer space.  Tomorrow I plan on taking the boys out to hit the other store.  HB doesn't have school until Thursday because of the fall break.

And that is how a stay-at-home mom goes to the grocery store.

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