Thursday, October 18, 2012

Quick Take Friday

1.  Apparently in some states it's illegal to tattoo or body pierce a minor even if you are their legal guardian giving consent.  Not that I would go and have my boys' bodies altered, but the notion that the state thinks they can decide what's best for the child over something that's not harmful (I realize that it carries risks), well...  I guess they should arrest my mom.  Because in Mississippi (where it's against the law), my mom had my ear's pierced at age three.  I asked for it.  I'm guessing it's not really enforced.  Just another one of those laws people throw around to get their ex's or in-laws arrested.

2.  It's October the month of pink washing.  If you don't know by now, it's breast cancer awareness month and as a result companies are putting out pink products.  The problem with pink washing is thus:  a) a lot of companies don't disclose what portion of their profits go to what organization.  I can't make heads or tales of yoplait in the store, but with a little digging, their funds through their charity are sent to Susan G. Komen which contributes to Planned Parenthood b) a lot of the profits don't go to help with screenings or research, most of it is overhead.  So if really pink washing is just another way to get you to buy something so you can feel good and feel like you're helping.  Really your money is best served if it's given directly to a non-profit involved in research or screenings.  And do your homework first.

3.  Speaking of pink washing, a disproportionate amount of money goes to breast cancer yet prostate cancer death rates are higher.  So instead of sending your check out to a breast cancer foundation how about sending a check to an organization that doesn't sky-blue-wash everything and help out men.

4.  My mom sent me a really disturbing article about a California boy who is being forced to transfer schools.  He has genetic markers for Cystic Fibrosis but does not have the actual disease.  His parents haven't disclosed if he has only one marker or two that do not manifest the disease (cf is a really complicated recessive-gene disease).  They are moving him because they fear that his presence will harm other students with Cystic Fibrosis (ie.  if he catches a cold it will pass back and forth).  But it only goes to show just how ignorant they are of the disease.  This is just symptomatic, IMHO, of just how far genetic testing congruent with abortion has gone.  We're now targeting people who carry the gene.

And it hits home for me personally because my oldest and my husband both carry at least one gene for Cystic Fibrosis.  My son shouldn't have to transfer schools one day simply because he has a weird gene.    I feel for the parents.  Prayers for them.

5.  I've recently figured out why I keep getting strange messages on a particular site.  I normally use Firefox and apparently it's not a compatible browser.  I plan on using IE and contacting the site administrator and giving them a heads up.

6.  My kindle is working fine now.  It was the power cord.  I believe I need to eat my shoe (or hat or something).

7.  I'm so sick of campaigning.  Just tonight my husband (who is non-partisan) got a phone call.  A personal one from a local guy running.  My husband doesn't take those types of calls.  So I had to field it.

The "War on Woman" crap is getting to me too.  There's a rally this weekend, but I think I'll pass.  I do need a sign, however, one that says the real War on Woman is them not knowing their bodies.  I overheard a conversation earlier this week talking about fertility and stuff.  They mentioned that some women have to stop breastfeeding in order to conceive.  Some of them women were really baffled by this.  I should explain that they were all moms.  Maybe it's because our school system doesn't talk about fertility like it's a good thing.  Maybe it's because women would rather stay in the dark, pop a pill, and forget about it.  Or maybe it's because gynecologists don't educate their clients or don't know themselves.  It's troubling to me.  The real war on women is that they don't know how their body works.  We know stuff about our hearts, our eyes, our teeth, even our bmi, but we don't understand that breastfeeding can suppress ovulation?  :/  Holy Mother, pray for us.

Thanks to Jen for hosting!


  1. On the CF front, there is a couple in Montana who is suing hospitals and doctors because their daughter was born with CF and apparently, the genetic testing failed to show this. If they had known that their kid was going to be born with CF, they would have aborted her. The mother had gone through incredibly extensive testing to ensure no genetic issues and they feel like they were lied to.

    I'm incensed on several levels, one of which is being a mom of a special needs kid who I've almost lost a few times because he has reactive airway issues. If I'd lost him during our epic hospital stay last year, it would have been worth EVERY struggle to have had him in my life because he makes me a better person. I'm also feeling incredibly bad for their daughter who is going to someday read about her parents' lawsuit and is going to find out that her parents didn't want her.

  2. "real War on Woman is them not knowing their bodies..."

    Hear hear! This is such a sticking point for me in this election season. The level of willful ignorance is infuriating. I'm not one who's advocating for mandatory stoppage of contraceptive use, because I think that's unrealistic, that we have to teach people there's a better way rather than try to bully them into NFP, but it makes me NUTS to see the self-righteousness being thrown around on this topic.


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