Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Amazing Adventures of Destructocon Toddler and Monkey Boy

Yet Another Amazing Episode of Adventures of Destructocon Toddler and his fearless side kick Monkey Boy

When HB turned a year and half his behavior turned from screaming infant to destructive toddler earning him the endearing nickname "Destructocon."  Pronounced destruct-oh-con.  He's destroyed the blinds, books, toys, etc etc.  And he's mostly outgrown it, but every once in a while....

As for Destructocon's side kick.... my infant while he stands independently hasn't started to walk...yet.  He still gets into stuff too.  His great destroying ability is mainly to mouth things to death or Houdini himself out of things.  He can get off the couch without any help.  He also has attempted the daring feat of removing himself from a shopping cart while strapped in.  (I looked up just in time to see his body half dangling over the side of it.)

Here has been some of the most recently destroying abilities these two super heroes? villains? have rout.

This is where one Saturday Destructocon decided that pushing the glider as hard as he could was a good idea.  That's a hole in the wall.  I plan on using some putty to eventually fix it.

This is what my bedroom has looked like for the past two weeks.  Destructocon is a master of messy.  Monkey boy prefers to pull on cables.

And last Tuesday after Destructocon did not take a nap (seems to occur every Tuesday) along with Monkey boy's decision to wake up every hour for the past two nights (it turned into a week) neither slept.  And so tired momma vegged on the couch only to hear silence from their bedroom...hark, what is the fearless duo doing?  Well, my guess is Monkey boy pushed over the small un-anchored bookshelf and Destructocon decided that the flimsy backing was strong enough to hold his weight.  So they both were sitting in the two sides around the middle shelf.  The top was torn and bent inward like the bottom half.  Don't worry Super Hero Momma saved the day with her trusty hammer.  Needless to say the shelf won't be put back into use until we anchor it.

I am not looking forward to the next adventure...which will probably happen on Tuesday.  Dang Tuesdays.

I'm hoping this never happens.  At least we don't keep unwashable paint around.  People who post on Sh*t My Kids Ruined, I feel your pain...

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