Monday, October 8, 2012

Wild Mountain Mommies Diaper Cover Review

Children's Measurements:  Knee, 9 months, chunky, weight approx. 21.5 lbs.; HB, 2.7 years, skinny, weight approx. 29.6 lbs

Stats:  One-Size two layer cover.  Inner layer is PUL.  Outer layer is cotton print.  Has snaps and fold over elastic.  Three step rise.  Two linear hip snaps.  No gussets.

What I like:  Well the print is adorable, but I also picked it out.  The material holds up well and hasn't given me any stain issues.  I picked the Very Hungry Caterpillar because it's HB's favorite.  Thus strapping on the diaper is easier since he wants to wear it and will pick it out often.  The one time his brother wore it for testing purposes, HB got upset.  I also like how she did the snaps.  They look like the eyes of the caterpillar (green in yellow).  Also no leaks.  The last WAHM diaper I bought leaked.  I've used this one for months now and no problems whatsoever.  Maybe it has to do with the thickness of the PUL, which I've learned varies.  The diaper is also a true One-size, similar in sizing to other major brands.

Issues:  Well since it has FOE (fold over elastic for those who don't speak sewing or diapers), any touch tape (aka Velcro aka aplix) diapers can stick to it and cause it to pill or pull.  So you have to be extra sure that it's not washed with any or that the touch tape diapers are using laundry tabs.  And because of how the snaps are there is some wing dropage, but really that doesn't affect anything (other than looks).

What do I think of it:  I would definitely purchase from this lady. I may have to get a Hyena Cart account. She seems to make mostly custom orders so you'll want to watch her facebook page.  She also creates all kinds of diapers from pockets to fitteds.  Her covers run from 10 dollars to 13 dollars depending on specifics.  This is really relatively inexpensive.

Any areas for improvement:  I don't really think so.  Because she does custom orders it seems like you could request anything and she could whip it up for you.  That's the beauty of a WAHM; they will make product to conform to your specific needs (like if you have big children or a special needs older child for example).

Special thanks to Amanda and Wild Mountain Mommies for coordinating the giveaway and giving me the diaper!

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