Sunday, October 14, 2012

Year of Faith

Ways you can Read the Bible in a Year

Use the YouVersion App that has a Bible in a Year (Catholic version) program
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Use a Daily Reader like My Catholic Daily Bible

Read the Daily Lectionary, which covers the entire Bible in a year

Ways you can Read the Catechism in a Year

You can print out this guide and check list off the items

You can sign up with Flocknote and have the catechism e-mailed to you (it started last week but they will send you the past e-mails)

I really wish that there was some sort of "Catechism in a Year reader" like the Daily Bible Reader.  But there isn't.  And I haven't the time to try and create something like that.  Both of the above suggestions are going through the Catechism from start to finish rather than more by topic.  Although the Catechism does go through topic by topic, you can still find passages for marriage (for example) throughout the whole of it.  Just something to think about....


  1. Great post! This stuff is on my mind too. I also wish there were a daily Catechism reader like the daily Bibles. I don't know if I'll keep up with it via email...

  2. "Catechism in a Year reader" is actually on the docket for My Year of Faith App 1.1 . We are about to launch iOS this week, but a future update planned for iOS and Android should include a calendar function to schedule reading sections, chapters, and whole parts of the CCC and the Bible.

    You can find out more about the app here:


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