Wednesday, October 10, 2012

You've missed the Point

Dr. Prosciutto comments on MMSL Sucks:
Your story about the SAHM actually shows that the standards are in fact low: the mom messes up everything and she still retains the kids. Nothing in your post actually replied to the concerns of husbands whose wives who get pregnant by someone else. You admit that women are creatures of emotion instead of logic. Good job exhibiting the typical baseless self-righteousness of US women who think they can do no wrong.
You missed the point.  Mr. Kay said that the threshold for failure is low.  In other words, the state taking away your kids is the threshold.  And I said that isn't the threshold.  I said the fact that I know someone who doesn't dress her children in clothing that fits and that sort of thing is low.  The state never (and would) not take her children away.  Mr. Kay's threshold is state intervention.  My threshold is something higher.  They are both low; just depends on what you consider to be the threshold for people.  You agree with me and not Mr. Kay. 
No, my post didn't respond to husbands' concerns.  I was only talking about husbands who had no real concerns.  And I was also saying that some husbands are operating out of fear and paranoia.  If there is a legitimate, realistic concern, say a husband knew that his wife was having an affair and conceived a child at the same time, then that is something else.  I wasn't addressing that.  Mr. Kay was speaking to the paranoid.  He said all marriages (even healthy ones) should agree to paternity testing as a means to keep people in line.  I was disagreeing with that.

In romantic relationships, women and men operate often from emotions rather than logic.  If you can find me a romantic relationship that operates entirely on logic, then I'd like to hear about it.

Wow.  That last sentence is way harsh.  You don't know me at all so you have very few data points in which to surmise such a thing.  Way to go proving that people on the internet tend to assume things about others that they do not know.  US women I cannot speak for.  I can speak for myself.  When I am wrong, I apologize.  I am not perfect.  Furthermore, I'm a Catholic and try to regularly confess my faults, my failings, and my sins.  I suppose you haven't noticed that part in the blog (I have no idea why) or maybe you are unaware that Catholics are often times admitting that they do wrong all the time hence the confessional booth.  But can sit all high and mighty if that pleases you and determine things about me that are untrue.

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