Sunday, November 25, 2012

10 Days of Turkey Leftovers: Day One

Technically it's Day Three, so I'm behind but I promise to catch up.  For those of you who live in place where Turkey doesn't exist (which is the only fowl native to North American and incidentally is only found in N. America and the Yucatan), you can substitute chicken or similar fowl for any recipe.

For ten days I'm going to take my little over 16 lb turkey and stretch it out for the ten days from Thanksgiving to Advent.   I'm not sure we'll even stretch it out to ten days, but I'm going to try.  You can add more days by using both the reserve liquids and by creating stock from the bones.  But being that I am lazy, we did not do this.  I'm simply coming up with ideas for the extra meat.

Day One:
Turkey sandwiches.  My family growing up used mayo or miracle whip in our leftover rolls and had mini turkey sandwiches.  So that's what we did Friday. You can use a variety of variants like making a chicken salad version only substituting turkey, using cranberry sauce, making a roll up, or making a grilled cheese and turkey sandwich.  Get creative. 

These ideas came from the 12 days of Turkey chapter of Healthy Meals for Less.  Please don't sue me.

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  1. Lol. I never have enough turkey left for ten days of leftovers. Good luck!


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