Tuesday, November 6, 2012

As the Tide Turns

I know everyone is going to be talking about the election.  It's been on my mind.  And really I should be looking into store deals for this week.  Studying the ads instead of watching the screen change color as they make final estimates.

I don't want to think about it.

One of Hubby's friends (who is married to a Catholic no less) posts that being pro-choice is not synonymous with pro-abortion.  I don't doubt that she means well.  But then someone comments that they agree and says that she doesn't believe in mandatory motherhood.

My skin flashes hot.

Mandatory motherhood?

So the only thing I can do before exploding somehow was to say:

Mandatory motherhood?  ever heard of adoption?  Nobody has to die and nobody has to be a mother.

Really now people.  mandatory motherhood.  Like a person is being forced into caring for a child upon it's birth.  Um...not.

And really the ship on motherhood sells when you have sex.  Because as I've said before and I'll say it again...sex makes babies.  It doesn't matter how hard you try that's the main biological component to sex.

Once you make the decision to engage in sex then you are also making the decision to run the risk of impregnation.  It's the same with driving a car.  You decide to run the risk so why get surprised if you end up in a finder bender.  Odds are it will happen.  No matter how careful you drive.

But even if you were the victim, a child is a child.  Simple science.  It's biologically a human being.  More simple science.  Studies show that abortion re-victimizes the woman.

You don't have to parent the child.  You can give the baby up for adoption.  Silly pro-abortionist er um.. pro-choicers.

It's not about being a parent.  It's about whether a child is a child and if abortion is murder not.

Update:  Oh, well.  That didn't go far.  Basically it went like this.  The person said that they thought adoption was great...if the mother wanted to do that.  And that's when I asked about the rights of the child and the father (everyone leaves out the dads :(   She basically shut down and said that she didn't believe in limiting access.  And I don't suppose it will go anywhere.

My husband's friend is wrong.  You can't say your pro-choice and then in the same breath say you don't believe in limitations including obtaining the consent of the father.  It isn't pro-choice if the father doesn't get a say.

In case you don't know,  as it currently stands you can be married and your wife can abort your baby and you can't do anything about it.  Doesn't matter if the marriage is otherwise great.  The decision rests with the woman.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not a feminist, but I think men's rights are being stripped away from them in light of the feminist movement.  And I'm waiting for more people to figure that out.  At least more the male half anyway.

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  1. Amen to that. It needs consistency of application. I'm SO not with the 'no womb, no say' crowd - it takes two to make a baby so two should have responsibility and a say.


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