Friday, November 30, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Advent

It's huge.  It's more like a tapestry than a wall calendar.  But it's meant for young children so I had to go big.  Otherwise I foresaw choking hazard.  For now I hung it up high where it's visible to me most of the time.  Otherwise I fear the worst from Destructocon Toddler and Monkey Boy.

A close up up the dates.  I started the 1st of December since Advent varies year to year.  That's the baby Jesus hanging out in the 1 pocket.  So you know what the pictures represent:  3- bell for St. Francis Xavier, 6- Bishop's staff for St. Nicholas who was a Bishop of Myra (incidentally since he was a Bishop the whole Mrs. Claus thing is as fictitious as the reindeer who fly), 7- bee for St. Ambrose who was known to talk about bees frequently in his writings, 8- This one was a tricky decision it's a silhouette of a pregnant St. Anne with a tiny BVM for the Immaculate Conception of BVM, 12- Our Lady of Guadalupe (just her head shot), 13- St. Lucy crown (mine has five candles showing but you're supposed to have seven) for St. Lucy's day, 14- St. John of the Cross- cross obviously, 16- birthday cake, for the birthday boy whose turning one, 25- manger- Nativity of our Lord

This the top.  That the BVM riding on a donkey pulled by St. Joseph surrounded by twelve stars. 

And now to finish up the Advent preparations with HB.  Fun, fun, fun!!!


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