Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Making Heads or Tails of it

Savita Halappanavar has recently become the rallying cry of pro-abortion in Ireland.  You can read the article about Halappanavar's case here

I want to be very clear.  I'm not a medical professional or even a med student so maybe someone can explain a few things to me...

Mrs. H (I'm going to abbreviate) went to the hospital complaining of back pain.  The hospital staff noted nothing was wrong and released her.  But her condition worsened so she went back.  She was 17 weeks pregnant.  The doctors determined that she was having a miscarriage.  

She started shivering uncontrollably and vomiting.  She asked for an abortion.  Essentially what she wanted was a D and C before the baby's heart stopped.  They wouldn't allow it even though Irish law allows an abortion if the life of the mother is at stake.

A day later the baby died and was removed.  Four days later Mrs. H went into organ failure and died.  It was determined that she had septicemia and E coli (which generally speaking originates from contaminated food).  

Now I'm no dummy but...

Septicemia is an infection caused from one source that gets transferred in the blood.  I'm no so sure that Mr. H (the husband) is correct in his assumption that the abortion would have helped the infection.  The infection could have originated from any part of the body.  If it was in the uterus, then I imagine that the baby would not have survived that long especially since it was already dying.  My guess is she had the infection already and the baby was dying as a result.

Septicemia can be very fatal if not recognized early enough and antibiotics being used in time.  The baby didn't kill Mrs. H.  The infection did.

Again whether the infection originated in the uterus or elsewhere in the body isn't explained.  But the point is that the abortion probably wouldn't have done much to help Mrs. H.  In fact it could have easily masked the symptoms like the miscarriage may have.

If there's any negligence to be found it's with the hospital staff not recognizing Mrs. H's symptoms as an infection not the miscarriage (which miscarriages are painful and so can infections be).  They may have been able to save her and the baby if antibiotics had been administered in time.

The issue shouldn't be about legalizing abortion or even saving the life of the mother (which is already on the books).  It should be about improving pre-natal care.

But pro-aborts are going to use this case as a means to legalize full blown abortion in Ireland simply because she and her husband asked for one.  I'm surprised that her husband believes that the abortion would have prevented her death.  But maybe at the time he didn't realize that miscarriage didn't cause her death but an infection.  

So what do you think?  Am I far afield?  Did Mrs. H's miscarriage cause her death?  Would an abortion have helped prevent her death?

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  1. When I was in the hospital a few weeks ago with my white blood cell count suddenly going through the roof the doctors were frantic to find out what it was because they said that taking the baby early and breaking my water could actually make an infection worse because if the infection were in my uterus it would no longer be confined. They were pretty adamant that that be avoided at all costs (and I was seen by like 20 doctors who all seemed to agree on that!).


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