Thursday, November 1, 2012


HB looking for a pumpkin.
A couple of weeks ago we took the boys to a local farm which was doing a bunch of fall stuff including having a "pumpkin patch."  This wasn't exactly what I envisioned when they said pumpkin patch, but for a toddler it worked.

Yes, that's a snake wrapped around my baby's neck.
In addition to the usual farm menagerie- turkey, chickens, hogs, goats, sheep, cows- the local herpetological society had a trailer parked there.  So we got to see a lot of deadly vipers in glass cases, a tortoise, lizards, and this snake.  I wore it to.  HB has a thing against animals he's not familiar with.  He did eventually decide it was safe enough to give it a touch with his finger.  Knee's too young to care.
Mon, will it bite my finger?
After we were there for a while, we managed to convince our animal-shy child to go feed the goats.  Somehow I don't think he's got all that much in common with his patron saint who had a swan follow him around.

Knee feeding a goat.

And now for seemingly random photos...
Yes, my ten month old knows how to play games with my Kindle.  We have a daily war over who gets to use it.  me, HB, or Knee.  Dad doesn't share.

I'm a very hungry caterpillar.
Before we all got hit on Sunday with illness, we took the boys out trick or treating at the parish we go to Mass at and through the local city thingy.  Did I mention that we participate at three parishes?  I go to Mass at the parish with a cry room.  I do rosary group and women's Bible study and are members of another parish.  And I go to my closest and allegedly zoned for parish for confession.  Ah, well.

Knee in previous year's hand-me-down pumpkin.

HB with a dripping nose, scooping out the guts of a pumpkin.
Happy All Saints, Mom!  I may not be able to walk independently...yet, but I can sure climb up on dining room tables by myself.

And no I didn't stage that.  My ten month old can- climb onto the dining room chair and from there climb onto the table- climb onto his brother's kiddie table- climb onto boxes- climb onto his own little table- climb off the couch and our bed.....I'm thinking when we move him into his room with his brother that we won't be using the crib anymore.  Otherwise he's going to figure out how to get in and out of it like his brother does.  It's where he's figured out how to climb on stuff.  Don't worry.  I pulled him off the table.  He's not that fast...yet.  Now if only he'd start walking....

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