Thursday, November 8, 2012

Racism and the Election

Now that we are post election:

One of the most disgusting things that has come from this election is racism has reared it's ugly head.

Barak Obama is a black guy.  Mitt Romney is a white guy.

The main stream media kept hammering the fact that Romney received the most support from white males and Barak Obama from minorities.

The division among ordinary Americans started to emerge when Stacey Dash, who voted for Obama in 2008, decided to vote for Romney and publicly said so.  She was called everything from an Uncle Tom to well...I won't dare to say.

Even after the election she wrote a letter to TMZ emphasizing that her reasons for voting for a white man had nothing to do with him being white but rather she felt that the economy needed to change.

But apparently racial division haven't ended there.  During the elections in Pennsylvania the New Black Panthers were once again reported at polling places intimidating voters to vote for Obama.  Thus far only one member has been confirmed, but it does speak to the level of racial tension surrounding the election.

Recently Ole Miss, my brother's alma mater which was part of the notorious Medgar Evers case, prove that racial tensions still reside there alive and well.  Apparently a portion of the campus became the site of racial epitaphs being slung after an initial argument about Obama's re-election.

Many of the commentors have called for the students to "grow up."  But the reality is these students get their bigotry from somewhere.  Maybe not the commentors but most likely from their parents.  If racial tensions are to decrease, then adults need to stop it themselves.

The point is that the election has turned into a racial dividing line despite many people avoiding it turning into one.  It's really sad that we call for racial equality, but we don't start within ourselves.  Instead we call for actresses to kill themselves and yell at our classmates and continue to listen to the main stream media as it dictates votes based on race (and not on other factors like economic social class which is really a more telling contributor).

If this election has taught us anything, it's that the Republican party is going to need to start appealing to their roots, racial equality, and the Democrats are showing their true colors.  Their colors being that there's no room for conservative dissent...unless they believe that person to be a racist.

Not that anyone cares but...I voted for a Romney for many reasons.  I also voted for a black TEA party congressional candidate.  I don't care about a person's skin color.  I only care about what they stand for.

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