Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sexiness, Men and Other Random Stuff

Hope your turkey's in the fridge.  Depending on the size, it takes a while to dethaw.  You can dethaw in the microwave or use a water bath, but the microwave tends to cook part of it and the water bath can get your turkey wet.

If anyone's looking for a Christmas present for the family, may I suggest this little jobie.  Why?  Well we don't have any.  If you google "seat belt wrapped around child's neck" you will find a huge number of news stories where children were in the car messing with the seat belt and it got wrapped around their necks.  And you're thinking, so just unwrap it, right?  Wrong.  Seat belts today are designed to lock up in the case of accidents so the more the child jerks the seat belt around, the more likely it will lock up.  So you need either scissors or a seat belt cutter.  In addition, Hubby and I are avid Myth Busters watchers.  Back in the past they did an episode where if you ever end up in the water, you either need to roll down your windows (if the electricity hasn't shorted), bust them with a window breaker, or wait for the car to fill up with water and then open the door.  But then fans wrote in and said, "that's great unless you turn upside down aka turn turtle.  then you're dead."  So they tested it.  And Adam "died" (he had emergency air with him to use just in case).  After watching that I haven't been the same.  Why?  You live in the freaking dessert.  What water are you going to come across?  Um...well...our borough has a bridge going over.... a lake.  Now I hardly drive over it.  But you only need one time and one nasty car accident.  The above suggestion is both a window breaker and seat belt cutter, which you need to keep close by in case you need to exit quickly from a water hazard situation.  And it's only 10 dollars.  And anyone who has a car should own one just like owning a jack or a pair of jumper cables.

Moving right along.  I've finished the cutting out part for my Advent calendar (squeals).  And now it's the gluing and puffy painting part.

So did you catch this ABC article yesterday:

"What's driving this new trend?  Change in male body image."

It used to be that girls felt pressure to be sexy going to dieting and fitness extremes with some girls developing body image and eating disorders.  Now it's on the rise in boys.  Why?  As they said, the image of men ie what is sexy has changed.  Now boys are expected to be "riped" in order to be sexy.  So boys are...doing what the newspiece talked about.

Boys just show what is going on in our culture, but it's not limited to just boys.  Men are feeling it to.  Just take a look at the newstands.  My own husband even read that to make himself more appealing to his wife he should run the Male Action Plan (MAP) as thought up from Mr. Kay.  In it Mr. Kay suggests getting buff.

Now I wouldn't care if my husband started working out for health reasons.  But there's something wrong with working out to make yourself more attractive, more sexy.  For one thing physical attraction (as we learned from girls) is fleeting.

I'm not going to lie.  I do notice a good looking man.  But I don't spend my time obsessing over him.  That would be lust.  It's more of a "Oh, he looks nice."  If the gentlemen in question were a total jerk, no matter how buff he was, it wouldn't make him very attractive to me at all.

Because unlike what people try to sell you, attraction is based on a number of biochemical factors.  And the physical attraction you feel for a person fades fast.  Just ask older married couples.  Their spouse doesn't look the same way they did when they were newly weds.  Does that mean they are no longer attractive?  Nope.  Maybe not necessarily in society's view of physical attractiveness, but none the less they are still attractive.  (Don't get me started on the whole turning back the clock of the anti-aging industry.)

Other type of attracting features like bonding (which is often why mothers are attracted to their children and not in the pedophile way but the maternal way) uses the same chemical bio markers as with breastfeeding.  In fact a man who watches his wife give birth has a lower sex drive (less testosterone) and more bonding hormones than a man who doesn't.  But does that mean his wife is less attractive? nope.  Maybe not sexy in the sense that he wants to screw her to the wall, but there's more to relationships than sex.

The problem is that not feeling up to having sex isn't sexy in our society.  Not looking like a body builder for men is now not sexy.  People used to claim that Sean Connery was good looking both in youth and age.  But I think we're getting past that.  And it's kinda scary to me.

I don't want my sons having to worry about making themselves look good in the eyes of their dates.  Don't get me wrong, I certainly think they should be clean and dress appropriately.  But I also think they should open the door, watch their language, and that sort of thing too.  Because believe it or not making a lady feel like she's a lady well...let's just say gentlemen...that's really the most sexy thing (attractive really) thing you can possibly do.  In my humble opinion.  I'm sure most women would agree with me, right?


  1. Supposedly the brain is the sexiest organ. I have to say, I fell for my Husby's personality, intellect and sense of humour rather than his looks :)

  2. In eleven years of marriage, my husband has had long hair, short hair, streaked hair, facial hair in many different configurations, earrings, no earrings, and even experimented with eyeliner (shudder). He's gained weight and lost weight, kept his body hair and removed it. Point being, I may have liked some looks better than others, but it's the man who's worn them that I love. And that's how you know it's real. :)


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