Friday, November 16, 2012

Sexualizing Boys

Our culture is inundated with sexualizing boys (and over sexualizing men but that's another post).  I follow The Guggie Daily, which is a Catholic natural mommy blogger.  She has quite a following.  Her blog isn't really Catholic/religious per se, but she doesn't avoid it either.  Her calling seems to be more about birth and natural parenting.  And we need that of our Catholic mommy bloggers too.

She posted this picture on her facebook page:
As she remarked some of the people who saw the onesie laughed and thought it was cute.  But she was naturally upset.  And she's right.  Since when are baby boys "gifts to the all the ladies?"

For those of you who may not live in the US and are perhaps unfamiliar with the comes from the idea that a man thinks he's "God's gift to the ladies."  In other words, he arrogant and thinks all the women want to have sex with him.  He's a ladies' man.  He likes to have sex with multiple women.

And they put those sentiments on a onesie for a baby boy.

If it were a onesie (as some commenters pointed out) for a girl that said she was a gift to all men, well there would be an uproar in the feminist community.  The outfit would be immediately removed and the manufacturer would have to issue some sort of statement/apology expressing that it was meant as a funny joke. 

But since this a boy's outfit...the outrage is small.  Because men afterall enjoy "playing the field"  "sowing their wild oats" and so on and so forth.  Doesn't matter how degrading it is in the sense that men are only sexy if they give of themselves sexually repeatedly.  Doesn't matter how untrue it is.  Nope.  Men have urges, and they can't be thought of to control themselves.

But what's worse is that it's penetrating boys.  Now boys are growing up with expectation.  No wonder there is sex with no consequences.

Whatever happened to onesies that say "Momma's boy."  Yes, I know that it has it's own negative connotations but is perfectly fine in my mind because all babies are mommie's babies.

As a mother of two boys, my stomach turned when the picture came up in the newsfeed.  It's enough that I have to combat stereotypes:  bumbling idiot fathers (Homer Simpson, et al), knights in shining armor meant to sweep up women and "save" them from...themselves (Sleep Beauty et al), aggressive, passive (I'm thinking of men being slapped on television by a woman and nobody blinks an eye.  But if a man slapped a woman now that's abuse.) and now unable to control where their penises' go.

I have much to combat and much to teach.  Which is why I laugh at all those comments about MMSL.  Those people have no idea just how much I have to do to defend masculinity.

And now I think I should write a post about how distorted what being sexy and male is in society...but maybe not tonight.

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  1. I think you should - it'd be a great post. My Husby's often going on about the dualist and hypocritical nature of sexism which abounds - it'd be good to hear another view.


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