Thursday, November 15, 2012

So not a girly girl

If you know me, you know:

beauticians love me because I don't care how they cut my hair as long as I don't have to do anything but brush it

I wear second hand thrift store clothes.  My husband once remarked that I look like a farm wife from the 1920s and no, that's not a compliment about how vintage my "look" is.

I wear skirts.  The only time I wear anything below the hip that has two legs are:  leggings, tights, panty hose, underwear, pjs, and athletic wear. 

I don't wear make-up.

yes, I sometimes wear sneakers with my skirts

I love birkies.  They are my friends.

yes, I wear birkies with my skirts.

And since I'm so not a girly girl...I've fallen in love with a pair of shoes that I hope I can talk Hubby into splitting the cost with me.  They are hand made in the USA in upstate NY (yes, person who lives there.  I am oh so jealous that you can just drive over there.)  They remind me of my birkies.  And since my birkies are falling apart.  And since birkies are boring when it comes to anything that closes the toe,...and since it's getting colder.  I need an alternative shoe.  Hence aurora shoes

And no, I still don't consider myself girly because I wear skirts and like shoes.  I promised my husband should I look for a new pair of winter shoes I would discard a pair (or two) of shoes.  He thinks a person only needs three pairs of shoes:  house, casual/sneakers, dress shoes.  But he's a man and that's just.... boring we should at least include color variations in that list.

I know...I should be thinking about the poor instead of coveting a new pair of (yes, they are needed) shoes and supporting my fellow Americans.

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  1. It's lovely when you fall in love with shoes :) Hope you get them and ENJOY :)


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