Monday, December 10, 2012

I Would Walk 500 Miles

Knee walks.  Okay he's not exactly taking off, but he takes about 3 steps or so.  It's a start.  Certainly earlier than HB who was 13 months before he did that.  But that's normal for a 2nd child.

Knee also has a great sense of humor.  His brother makes him life all the darn time.  Course HB gets to laughing all the time over anything really.  And thus Knee laughs too.  Today HB was being completely silly listening to the drive thru window attendant taking orders and saying "Thank you. Bye."  and then later telling me that he had a purple squishy (it's a toy) and I was supposed to say "Wow."  And they would both giggle.  If I didn't say wow, and said cool they wouldn't.  So I know that Knee got the joke (even if I didn't exactly).

HB is also improving in his talking.  The other day the boys were snuggling in bed with me (if you call it that) and Knee put his butt in my face.  So I told him that I didn't like having his butt in his face and HB piped up and told him to "Knee, get butt off Mon!"  He's also taken to calling me Mom a few times as opposed to Mon.  He points out stuff all the time like what color shirt everyone is wearing.  I'm hoping his speech continues to improve.  Therapy is not cheap.

And to top off today, they both have a nasty cold, which made running errands oh, so fun.  I ended it running into the UPS store and leaving them in the car so I could dash in and leave some boxes (already had labels on them) without the whole rigmarole of getting them in and out of their car seats.  The car was right in front of the store and neither knows how to get out of their car seat themselves.  In Missouri I could be arrested for doing something like that, which is ridiculous.  The weather was nice.  It took all of 2 minutes.  Sometimes I think government needs to be less heavy handed and let intelligent enough parents make decisions themselves.

Also got my shoes in....I opened the box.  Affixed them to my feet...but it was not to be.  The fit is perfect but the color was wrong.  Sometimes I am the one to blame so I checked the shipping info and nope.  They were wrong.  So I contacted them and am sending them back *sniffle*.  They are going to refund me the shipping cost since it was their "bad."  And I eagerly awake my new shoes.  Also I wear 7.5 C US size at least for their label.  Crazy.  Good thing they want a tracing of your foot.  Normally I'm a 6.5 B.  But then my sneakers are usually a 7.5.  

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  1. Awww...

    Here the law is you have 5 minutes. I'm on the fence about it... I've done it recently (with the boys only, they can't get out either) but at the same time the subject is a bit of a sore spot in our family because my dad worked a job (when he was a cop) that was the aftermath of a one year old getting out of his seat when his dad got out for a few minutes. ZJ's getting closer to being able to undo his buckles and as unlikely as that is, I'm not totally comfortable either.


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