Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'm an Artist....sorry grammar nazis

My husband has lately been telling me my grammar is getting worse.  "you've said the same word here twice.  and over here you left out the word 'is' twice." 

Grammar Nazi, I am not.

It's not that I don't know the rules of grammar.  A few people seem to think that I don't.  Your and you're seem to be my worst faux pas, and I do know that your is a possessive pronoun while the contraction you're means "you are." 

If this blog was a professional one or if I was writing for a grade of some kind, I would be relentless with my red ink pen (or green depending).

But it isn't.

I write like a creative writer does.  I write from a stream of consciousness with very little self editing. 

The part that bothers people is that I don't go back and edit much.  Which is what creative writers do.  They write then polish...polish...polish...add some more spit....polish...polish...well you understand.

I haven't the time for polishing.  I'm trying to keep my children from killing themselves through their utter boredom.  Or destroying my house.  Or trying (and failing repeatedly) to maintain a semblance of a house that bears (or is it bares...I suppose it's all in context) itself worthy for someone to enter it.  Or crafting something.  Or grocery shopping.  Or clipping coupons.  Or getting stuff for a persons I do not know who need a little Christmas cheer.  Or making myself presentable enough that people don't gasp or move away from me about 10 feet.

So why write at all?

Glad you asked.

I write because this blog is a reflection of my poor little brain.  It helps me remember stuff that's happened in my family, how my thoughts and feelings have evolved, and to remind myself that I need to locate my check book in this mess so that I can pay the rent before my landlord decides to slap a nasty fee and then kick us out.

I never really intended it to be something grand or that I would ever gather a large readership.  But if people wanted to, they could scoot up a chair, bring their beverage of choice, and chat a little bit.  Whether we agree or disagree.

Seems people are concerned about content and grammar.  Well, I'll try to be a little better, but it'll probably look the same. 

Sorry, Grammar Nazis.  If it bothers you, I'm happy to find you bloggers who are more eloquent and grammatically correct then myself.


I love to read your thoughts. Thanks for sharing!