Thursday, December 6, 2012

Okay, after I grossed you out completely...

Sorry.  My husband and I hold nothing back.  We are gross people.  It's just us.

1)  Knee has two teeth now and makes strides to walk.  He takes a lunging step between objects but that's about it.  I don't blame him.  He's got a nice bruise on his forehead and looks likes he's been in a war zone.  Imagine having an older brother who kicks you, pulls you down, and pushes you over on a regular basis (despite numerous times getting into trouble for it).  Well, you wouldn't walk on your own unless you were completely steady on your feet either.

2) Sleep- Ahhh, glorious.  For a long, long, long time Knee, my snuggle bug, would sleep four hours at most and wake up every hour after.  But Hubby and I agreed to put the kibosh on this so we started Operation Put the Boys in their Room Together.  But that didn't succeed to well.  So for now, HB still sleeps alone and Knee sleeps in the living room while we relegate ourselves to our own room for the remainder of the evening.  Knee now sleeps sometimes until 2:30 and sometimes until 4:30.

3) Nap- After trying to settle HB down for a nap, I've admitted defeat.  He's old enough to give it up now.  Last year he attempted the same thing, but would wind up fall asleep at 4pm.  This year I've given it a shot and so far he's tired but he's not dozing off.  We've moved his bed time down from 9pm to 8:30pm as part of Operation Put the Boys in their Room Together (OPBRT).  So he's doing fine with that arrangement.

In the meantime Knee's attempts to get rid of his morning nap are slow.  Sometimes he wants one depending on the night before.  Other times he's fine without it and just sleeps in the afternoon.  Although his afternoon nap is only an hour and he's nearly falling asleep before bed.  It's just going to take him a while to adjust to sleeping longer at night and then he'll consolidate his naps better.

4) Read this wonderful article about the hardships of marriage.  And it's totally me.  My kids are also on that same "by the grace of God I have not killed you today."  If it isn't them trying to kill themselves of course.  That's the thing about children.  We want them so badly until we have them.  Now my life is all about deciding where to put something because you cannot leave:  dinner knives, scissors, drinks, food, small objects, keys, shoes, clothing, books, picture frames,....really anything where you don't run the risk of it being swallowed or destroyed.  HB, thankfully, has gotten past the swallowing objects stage, but now Knee is in it.  *sigh*  will I ever not have to worry about things like batteries in remotes again.

5) We've been working on potty training now that HB is more amiable.  Yesterday I removed his diaper and let him roam around.  We had one success....and many failures.  Hubby was not exactly thrilled.  He does not like all.....even if the end result is better.  Take learning how to use a spoon.  I let HB work on cereal and milk.  Hubby still will not serve him milk and cereal even though the boy knows how to tip the bowl and drink from it.  Uncouth parents we are.  Don't get me started on yogurt.  We had many rows about food.  And despite me saying that every food item regardless is going to be messy unless you want to feed your children the rest of their lives argument didn't work.  Hubby tells me at some point he figures maturity will set in and they won't need to really practice.  *sigh*  Hubby is going to end up putting me in a padded cell.  See above article.

But the point of going diaper-less is to get HB talking and more aware.  And there is no way I can hustle him over to the potty unless I know exactly when he is going.

6)  The Advent calendar seems to be going well.  HB loves to move the "Baby Jesus" and to read books about the Baby Jesus.  The Jesse Tree isn't nearly all that interesting although having a younger brother climb up on the table and attempt to steal your pencils isn't cool either.  But I'm super surprised that he's getting into it.

7) HB is slowly getting better at counting.  He can count in order to 10, but asking him to count objects well...he doesn't stop.  But he's getting better.  We've gotten up to three and stopped there lately.  Also need to work on his pre-writing skills.  He's big into circles and lines so I need to get him working on following a pattern.  And I should probably create some basic sight word cards, but I'm going to wait a bit of months.  Yes, that's right.  Reading at three.  Or at least a little.  He can already identify letters by both name and sound and both cases.  I figure he can work on simple word identifications like "cat" and "dog" before actually teaching him how to phonetically sound out words.

8) Great article about garment factory fire in Bangladesh.  Just something to consider when you're out Christmas shopping. 

9)  Oh, and we started Knee on a little cow's milk.  10 days really won't make that much of a difference, right?

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