Sunday, December 30, 2012

Teach London to Love with Lightbulbs

For those of you unaware, last year the great US govt decided to put a kibosh on incandescent bulbs virtually making it impossible for ordinary citizens to have their choice in bulb or in country of origin.  Or did they?

For those of you who are unaware GE is one of the largest bulb manufacturers, and all of their nifty little florescents are made in China.  And I have a few problems with Chinese manufacturing...something to do with forced labor camps, unfair wages, horrible working conditions, and long hours.

Just recently a lady, Judy Keith, was rearranging all her holiday do-dads and unpacked some fake tombstones to discover a rather unsettling letter tucked in the packaging.  It was written by a Chinese Laborer pleading with her to contact the World Human Rights Organization.  Yeah.

So a number of people started naturally hording light bulbs.  But all is not lost, dear readers.  All is not lost.

Looking for incandescencts made in the United States?  Look no further.  You can legally buy a pack of 12 for. 12.24 USD. 

Looking for an alternative to florescents, but wanting to be a little green (and avoid the barges)....try an LED made in the US.  Although more expensive you get a 5 year Warranty.  Try here and here. Personally I think the LED is the greener version since it doesn't contain mercury although some LEDs contain high levels of lead and arsenic.  But they tend to not break as easily as the florescents. 

Or if you want a florescent, a Metal Halide, or a High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Bulb try here and here

Take that GE!  Take that!


  1. Just a comment on the letter, if it turns out to not be a fake.

    1. It's illegal to import goods made in a labor camp. So if everything works the way it should, your Chinese goods are not made in a labor camp.

    2. Only criminals go to labor camps. It's true that people end up in labor camps for very minor offenses, so there's that problem. But most people in China arn't criminals.

  2. Edit:
    It's illegal in the USA. Obviously other countries are buying their products...


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