Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Tales from Two Cities: Part 1

I was gone for a week.  I don't tend to advertise this fact, but I'm sure you figured something was up when you noticed that blog was stuck on the Third Sunday of Advent.

We went to visit family.  We left Friday evening.

Friday I spent the morning trying to tidy my house and pack up the boys and mine stuff.  Hubby worked a half day to come home and pack his stuff and help get stuff ready for our neighbor who kindly agreed to feed our cats and clean up their poop.  She's a cat lover so I think she enjoyed it.

All our luggage was  2 checked bags, 2 car seats, stroller, diaper bag, and business bag.

I hate flying.  I especially hate flying with children.  Children want to move.  They can't be quiet to the annoyance of other passengers and I get motion sick...easily.  Fortunately I have not vomited but it's only a matter of time.  And my ears...they get so stopped up that I loose volume control abilities and have to be poked by Hubby because I'm talking to loudly.

Mistake #1:  We we get to the airport, we started looking around for long-term parking.  It was then that I realized that my eldest was leaning around his car seat a little too easily.  Neither one of us had strapped him in.  He simply got into his seat and thankfully stayed put so in a panic I told Hubby to find parking and fast.

Mistake #2:  So we park at the airport in long term parking and then naturally attempt to carry all our luggage to the shuttle.  We should have dumped it at the shuttle site and then parked the car.  Or gotten a cab.

Mistake #3:  In the midst of this, Hubby had my keys and I forgot to remind him to lock the car.  And he forgot to lock the car.

We get onto the shuttle and go around to our gate thing.  Haul two kids and stuff with the help of some kind med students up to the ticket agent.  We hand over 2 checked bags and 1 car seat.  For those of you who want to fly and check the car seat, I recommend a 50 gallon trash bag.  It will ensure that your seat doesn't get gross or bashed up.  Long story from the last trip that I learned.

Mistake #4:  We then haul all the remainder to the gate where we then haul it over to a dining area.  This is a mistake.  I highly recommend spending the cash and renting one of those trolly luggage thingy do-dads.   We order dinner at which point I realize that we didn't lock the car.  We decide it's cutting it to close and to leave me with lots of luggage and small children would result in a panic-stricken me.  People over things.  People are not replaceable and can't be easily fixed.

We get on board, strap in the car seat, and HB was pleasant the whole trip while Knee was not.  Fortunately it was only one plane.  The last time we flew I was preggo, HB was 1.5 years, and we had a lay-over.  We also had no stroller.  Not. Fun.  Lesson learned.  I brought the stroller and the sling.  One plane.  And the car seat kept HB in the seat.  I don't imagine those easy to remove buckles would have kept him in his seat.

We get off the plane and it's cold.  My in-laws live near St. Louis.  They brought warm clothing for the children since we have none and really don't need any.  Love my MIL.  And helped us gather our massive quantities of luggage.

I get in their van and proceed to attempt to install two car seats.

Now I don't mean to brag or anything because it's taken me three years and two children, but I'm a wiz at installing a car seat.  Even though it's late.  Even though I'm exhausted.  Even though it's freezing.

But for some odd reason even to my poor in-laws, their seat belts won't lock.  I pull and yank and everything but they don't lock.  So I did my best for the week.  Fortunately nobody died.  I could have attempted a latch which would have made them move secure but latch is only recommended for children smaller than 15 lbs.  My children are 22 and 30 lbs.

We get back to their house early Saturday morning and crash.  My parents show up sometime between breakfast and dinner and my brother after them.

We went to my father-in-laws Christmas celebration Sunday evening after Mass.  And then Christmas eve it was my mother-in laws.  My brother had to be back on post the day after Christmas so we had a small thing that morning.  And since they were predicting snow, he left that afternoon and my parents left the following day.

The rest of the week was fairly relaxed.  Hubby gave a presentation to the local astronomy club that Thursday evening at the library.  The president is Hubby's former highschool physics teacher and one of the reasons why Hubby got into the field (or at least physics) in the first place.

I'll continue shortly. 

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