Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Tales From Two Cities: Part Two

The children really enjoyed it.  They got a lot of stuff.  We ended up packing a giant box that once housed my father in law's hobby, roses.  And took it to the post office were I sent it the cheapest, postal mail, and it still cost as much as it would have to check it as a bag.

On Friday, we spent the morning looking for our stuff.  I felt bad for my in laws because their house was starting to morph into tornadic residence.  We had to dig stuff out from behind their couches and underneath them.

After we packed up the van, we went to the Magic House which puts all our local children's museums to shame. 

Fortunately my MIL anticipated flurries and elected to get themselves a hotel.  While there it started snowing, which is a rare sight for me since I grew up in Mississippi and live in the desert.  And my children have never seen snow.  It didn't stick, thankfully, because we had a plane to catch.

My in laws helped us up to the gate.  And then we had to leave.  We got there the flight attendant was...rude?  First she made us trade rows with people behind us because car seats aren't supposed to be behind an exit row.  I've never heard of that. Then she warned me that my children would have to turn off their approved electronic toys or use head phones.  Very few small children's toys (if any) have head phone jacks.  But hey, they only request it.  It's not mandatory.  If I did a survey I bet the passengers would rather hear the ABC song than a screaming child whose thrashing and kicking their seat.  But if she wants to be nutty, by all means....My children ended up sleeping through about half the flight.

We got home really late/early this morning.  Hubby took some luggage and went to see what happened to the car.  It was not easy finding the shuttle since they move the pick up site at night.  I had been praying all week that someone would take the junk out of it but leave us with a functioning car.  Nothing was touched.  Huzzah for Jesus!

Hubby came back to get me and the smallest one and all the bags on our trolly.  We got on the shuttle, got off, unloaded, and Hubby wizzed around the car where I did my instillation of car seats magic.  It was cold, but not snowing.

And we got home this morning at 2:30am to sleep peacefully in our own beds.  And take a nice hot bath in our own tub.

I enjoyed all the time spent with family but there's no place quite like home.

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  1. WOW! Quite an epic journey. Congrats on the car - at least an unlocked car still looks locked (I am thankful for this every time I forget to lock mine).


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