Thursday, January 3, 2013

7- Quick Takes

Prayers for Jen the usual host.  She's in the hospital with embolisms on both her lungs, a complication related to her blood clotting disorder related to pregnancy.  I hope the med regiment they have her on does wonders.

1) I'm obsessing over coupons a little too much.  Particularly over toilet paper.  There are certain things I can't live without: real maple syrup, Dr. Bronner's soaps...that sort of thing.  But when it comes to tp I want the cheapest stuff evah.  Hubby did a little calculator help and deduced that I could go one way with the nicer stuff or the other way with what's cheapest and concluded that it's a 36 dollar a year price difference.  To put in in perspective, 36 dollars in a nice meal for two in a modest restaurant.  I'm thinking anniversary present to selves.  But we're running out of tp and I'm searching the ads to find the lowest price like the 7 cents per roll that I've paid before and so far my options are 22 cents or 41 cents.  I suppose I'll buy a few rolls and keep looking.

Why does this matter?  Because unlike the real maple syrup that goes into my body or the Dr. Bronner's that helps my skin issues, the tp is something I wipe my tush with and then flush.  It's not so big to me.  But I realize I live with other people.

Ah, well...the 1st world issues we live with.  Banana leaf anyone?

2) Speaking of coupons I was busy doing what I love to do...window shop through my computer...and came across a subscription to highlights.  My oldest got one mysteriously from a relative.  I say mysteriously because I'm not sure which set of grandparents ordered because they both said they would.  Thankfully...we're only receiving one.  But now highlights has a new one for infants.  And I bit the bullet and bought Knee his own subscription.  It's cute called Highlights Hello.  And I used a coupon code and knocked off about 5 dollars from the price (okay 4.80).  See this is why people need me around.  I find things for cheaper.

3) This bothers me:  Doggy Daycare:6 Reasons Why Raising a Pet is Like Raising a Child.  But...on further inspection it's talking about things like dealing with poop and pee.  So it's not as bad as it sounds but really it's still very demeaning to children.  So here's my short list of 6 Reasons Why Raising a Pet is Not Like Raising a Child. 
1.  Pets are far easier to punish.  With children they become immune to scolding, spanking, grounding, and taking away of treats.  Pets you can repeat and repeat and eventually they get the point.
2. Pets respond well to food.  Children do too, but they remember that you treat them and will begin to expect/demand treats.
3. You can neuter/spay your pet.  You can't do that to your child.  Not that I would want to, but I know a few parents for one reason or another are tempted.
4. You can euthanize your pet.  Your pet bites and attacks people.  You can't get him to behave.  So you decide to have him put down for others safety.  You can't do that with a person.  Your child bites children...well you've gotta figure a way to stop it.
5. Pets try to please.  Children do to some extent, but they are also geared toward eventually separation so they often exert their own independence whether you like it or not.
6. You can train your pet not to bark and cats tend to be quiet.  Children...well that's why they have cry rooms right?  Telling a baby not to cry is just plain dumb.

4) And this is why you shouldn't donate your sperm. 

5) On ABC news tonight, they interviewed several women senators.  One of the comments is that the men focus on contraception and abortion.  It made me pause.  Course the media edits a lot.  But it left me wondering.  Why aren't the women?  Is it because there are more pressing issues than 1st amendment freedoms?  Is it because they think it's such a private issue that men shouldn't be included in the dialogue?

6) Okay I've seriously run out of quick take ideas other than just random junk that's utterly boring like how I've decided that for the New Year I want to be more physically active (gulp exercise gulp).  And so I walked to the park with the kids who loved it today.  Not sure what I'll do tomorrow.  We'll see...

7) And I've been thinking seriously about take the whole food challenge.  Maybe as part of Lent so it lasts longer.  Usually we're good about stuff.  Bread is a big problem so is spaghetti sauce and condiments.  I inquired of Hubby and he said he would not participate so I guess he'll have to go and buy his own hot pockets and his own chips and soda and stash them in his office.  But maybe the 10 thing is a good warm-up.  But then it says "locally raised meats" and I live in the desert.  I suppose maybe a good substitute that's more in keeping with the challenge idea is organic or free range.  Or I can try that Halal butcher shop...

The point is to get rid of processed/refined foods.  And trying to eat healthier, home-made things.  (Not sure exactly how locally makes a difference, but whatever)

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  1. Try the Halal. Local business receiving local economy rather than local money going into giant corporations can only be a good thing. I've also heard that because Halal meat has to be slaughtered in a very specific and careful way, it's often less stressful and cruel to the animals. Worth a look, at least :) Enjoy your Real Food.


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