Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Choosing Life and a Special Prayer Request

Without revealing too much, my husband works with a gentlemen (not from the US) who he and his wife found out that they are expecting.  It's a complete surprise to them.  They don't have medical insurance but they are also moving back to their home country next month so at this early stage it seems pointless for them to worry about it.

Right now she's been having morning sickness issues.  I've been giving her the best advice I can telling her to eat frequently, look into the Brewer diet, add tons of protein, and even if all she feels like eating is Wendy's to go for it.  I need to go and get the tummy-happy prenatals for her since I'm not sure if she even knows what to get.  It's their first baby.

Please keep them in your prayers.  It is very rough being away from home and your extended family and then to find out you are expecting.  And then add morning sickness which having been there myself is not pleasant.

I think pro-choice people tend to think that pro-lifers don't care and don't take the time to show that they care to other women.  And that's completely false.  If there's anything I could do to ease her discomfort I would.  Knowing the power of prayer, I'm asking you, dear readers, to offer up a rosary or any prayer for this tiny and growing family.  I'm hoping that such a small sacrifice can help her both physically and mentally.

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